Sewing, Quilting & Fiber Arts

LED Task Lighting- The ultimate tool for professional and hobby artists.

True colors at your fingertips.

Being able to distinguish colors, and match thread colors has always been difficult in the sewing and quilting community- but not anymore!

With the touch of a button you can choose from Stella’s three different colors of light output: warm, natural, and cool white- making the Stella lamp  like nothing else on the market.

The ‘Natural’ setting provides the purest form of white light, making it the most effective way to pick and match thread colors, while the ‘Cool’ and ‘Warm’ settings offer a more inviting light while working for longer periods of time, or while working late on a special project.

Combined with a full-range flex neck, dimming integration down to 10%, and additional features designed to provide value for the artistic user, the Stella Lamp has quickly become the ultimate lighting tool.

(Above: professional quilter Arlene Kovash utilizing Stella on the cutting table)