Get started on those envelopes :(

  It’s the time of the year when you sit down with that cup of hot cocoa and turn out the Holiday cards.  Yes, you are excited to catch up all the relatives on what the family has been up to all year.  Yes, you are excited to reconnect with old friends and schoolmates.  No, […]

It’s time to give some attention to the tree.

My son, who is 30, purchased a new house this year near Ft. Worth, TX.  It’s a beautiful new home in a neighborhood where the kids can run from house to house.  They have walking trails and parks.  It’s really a dream home for them.  It’s nice to see your kids happy. Tim loves a […]

It’s cookie decorating on Steroids!

Have you ever tried your hand at cookie decorating?  I think it takes a steady hand and a very imaginative mind.  Cookie Decorating is an art.  You need to bake perfect cookies.  Not too much crunch and definitely not under cooked.  You need the proper tools and time to do it.  It’s not for the […]

Happy Holidays!

It’s Holiday time and I really haven’t been blogging for a while now so I thought I would introduce you to some very talented bloggers with some cute ideas. Enjoy Chelsea’s Messy Apron. I love these jar ideas. All “do-able” and easy for a neighbor or teacher gift.   Happy Crafting!  MJ  

It’s up for grabs! I hope someone wants it!

I was volunteered!  How many times have you said that?  The good thing is I like to be volunteered.  That just means that someone thinks I can do it.  In this case, the President of Stella Lighting, Nathan,  volunteered me to help with the Coburg Quilt Show.  The only problem with this is …. #1 […]

Colorful Tip!

Check out the great idea thanks to my friend, Sara. I love a great idea!

Fancy Photo Hanger

My best ideas are from craft stores.  I saw these photo hangers in the framing department and couldn’t resist taking them to another level.  Yes, I get to get out the glue gun again!  I’ve used that gun more in 2016 than I have in the last 10 years I have owned it.  My friend, […]

How to….Bias Stems!

I really love Appliqué.  However, I don’t believe one type of appliqué technique is perfect for every project.  Do you appliqué?  It’s an art and not for everyone.  You must have patience.  You can not get immediate results.  You must love prep work. Recently, I pledged a small appliqué wallhanging to the Coburg, OR quilt […]