Introducing…….   Shelby is the oldest of the Wiedenmann clan and has started working part time in the warehouse this summer.  She will soon go back to school ( she’s a junior in high school this year) but what great experience she is having. Shelby accompanied Mary Jean and her dad, Nathan on a trade […]

Stella Educator???? What???? Is that a real job???

One of the fun things about being the Stella Educator is that I get to try and experience different things without “going all in”.  What does this mean?  Glad you asked … Here’s my typical week: Monday usually starts with a call from Nathan.  Nathan is the President of Stella Lighting.  Many of you may […]

Meet Mary Jean and the Stella Studio

Meet Mary Jean Murphy! Stella Lighting introduces our newest addition to the family. Follow along with her and Stella – You never know where they will turn up!

What is a Stella Lighting Educator?

Hey Everyone. My name is Mary Jean Murphy. I am from Houston, TX, and am your Stella Lighting Educator.

A lot for the time when I say that, I am met with pondering faces. What is a Stella Lighting Educator… and how did I manage to get THAT job?

This is that story.