For the next 10 days I am going to find and share some great storage ideas for organizing and cleaning your “Happy Space”!

Day 1 – Get your sewing notions and supplies organized with help from the National Sewing Circle.  The blog below has some great ideas for cutting mats, … continue reading →

Let’s make hats! Mini Hats!

Don’t you love a homemade Holiday ornament?  I do!  I make one ornament every year and give them with the friends treats. I have a friend named Marcie.  She has 25 years of ornaments on her tree.  Some look like her kids made them in elementary school but you have … continue reading →

Cookies! Cookies! Cookies!

I love to bake!  I love to eat!  I love Cookies!

Today, I would like to introduce you to my favorite blogger ever.  She surely doesn’t know it but she has changed my waistline quite a bit.  I cook almost everything she does.  She travels and brings you photos and … continue reading →

Recently,  my hubby and I took a trip to England.  He had to be in Leatherhead, a suburb of London, for a one day class with work and I decided to tag along and visit with my friends (we stayed on for a week after the class).  Sue and her … continue reading →

Let’s talk about Wool Appliqué !

What could be better than a "to go" project? I love Wool Appliqué. Check out the fancy stitch I use and free pattern.

Rosette Photo Ornies!

I found this rosette photo ornament on the internet and I re-introduced myself to the glue gun. PS. Don't get the glue on your fingers before it's cool and dry!

Making Stitch Markers

Follow along as Mary Jean walks you through and easy step-by-step process of making stitch markers for knitting projects. All you need are a few basic jewelry making tools and some beads! Take a look!