VKL 2017 – In the books! Read about ……

Nathan did not have to ask me twice if I wanted to attend Vogue Knitting Live 2017 at Red Rock, Las Vegas – Yes Yes Yes and more Yes! We had a blast attending our first trade show of 2017.  We have a very aggressive schedule this year.  More shows than last year and more […]

Stella Educator???? What???? Is that a real job???

One of the fun things about being the Stella Educator is that I get to try and experience different things without “going all in”.  What does this mean?  Glad you asked … Here’s my typical week: Monday usually starts with a call from Nathan.  Nathan is the President of Stella Lighting.  Many of you may […]

Happy Labor [of Love] Day!

The first Monday in September means the white clothes, belts and shoes are out and summer is over. But, here in Houston, TX the mercury in the thermometer is still high and the kids have already been back to school for more than a week. Labor Day has distinctly American Roots and it can be […]

Meet Mary Jean and the Stella Studio

Meet Mary Jean Murphy! Stella Lighting introduces our newest addition to the family. Follow along with her and Stella – You never know where they will turn up!

What is a Stella Lighting Educator?

Hey Everyone. My name is Mary Jean Murphy. I am from Houston, TX, and am your Stella Lighting Educator.

A lot for the time when I say that, I am met with pondering faces. What is a Stella Lighting Educator… and how did I manage to get THAT job?

This is that story.