Have you ever tried your hand at cookie decorating?  I think it takes a steady hand and a very imaginative mind.  Cookie Decorating is an art.  You need to bake perfect cookies.  Not too much crunch and definitely not under cooked.  You need the proper tools and time to do it.  It’s not for the “instant” people. But, Ohhhhh, the result.  It’s a crowdpleaser.

Check out the Sweet Sugarbelle blog.  I was checking out some designs for my sugar cookies this year and came across these girls doing some amazing cookies. Experts from the website https://www.ncahcsp.org/buy-accutane-online/ found that Accutane can cause muscle and joint pain and elevated serum levels of CPK, which may be accompained by exercise intolerance.  They are even doing a giveaway!

I have included the giveaway page and their recipe for basic sugar cookies.  But, check out their recipes.  I think they are a good find….if you love cookies!

Enjoy!  MJ





Basic Sugar Cookie Recipe



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