Here’s the original post for the Fabric Box Tutorial from Seaside Stitches
This fabric box had me at hello! When I saw it on Facebook, I quickly saved it knowing I wanted to have a try at it and share it for Stella Studio.
I found it on Quilting Digest by it’s originally from a blog by Seaside Stitches.
I did quicken it up a bit so here are my photos. Try it both ways!  They are great gifts for crafters or even teachers filled with candy.  I am addicted to these cute little treasures.

I started off the same way Seaside Stitches did. I cut 2 fabric squares 10+ “ and a batting square 10+”. I layered the 3 together just like I would a quilt and quilted the 3 layers.   I used my hera marker by Clover to mark the cross-hatch.




That was easy! Now the edges – I got out my handy rotary cutter and put a zigzag blade on it! These fabric boxes will never be washed – why not just cut the edges with a decorative blade????



It’s hard to see in this photo but I thought it was a cute idea.


Now, just follow the tutorial directions to finish up the box.   You may want to experiment with the size of the corners. I felt like 2” was a bit too much. I would think that 1 ½” would be enough. The deeper the corner seam the more straight up and down the box. My photo was done with 2” seams. They also have included a tutorial for a French seam.   I chose the original method because it made the small “pockets” inside the box. These work great for holding scissors and pencils handy. If you were using this for a candy/gift box you may want to try the French seams.


I whipped stitched the “pockets” closed inside the box


and added the buttons. The box is done and ready for action!


Note: There are many different options for batting in this project but do not use a batting with a high loft. It just won’t stand up as well. You could add a layer of a think stabilizer between the batting and the lining. I think a great choice would also be a product called In-R-Form by Bosal. I have found it to be a great choice for purse or tote bag projects so why not use the leftovers for this???



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