My best ideas are from craft stores.  I saw these photo hangers in the framing department and couldn’t resist taking them to another level.  Yes, I get to get out the glue gun again!  I’ve used that gun more in 2016 than I have in the last 10 years I have owned it.  My friend, Judy H, would be so happy!

Here’s how the project went:


This looks like a lot of supplies – I went a little “haywire”!  You don’t need this much.

Supply List:

  1. Craft Paint –  your choice of color – but I love the black chalkboard paint.  brushes
  2. Wooden “tags” from the craft store.  I bought mine in Michaels.  29¢
  3. Scrapbook Stickers
  4. small magnet for the back – if you would like to hang these from the fridge
  5. Art C Embellishments.  These are binder clips with a small “s” hook added
  6. Glue Gun – YIPPEE!

First, paint the tags in the color you desire.  Let dry!IMG_1401


When the tag is dry add the magnet to the back.  These are the one’s I used and they worked fine for the refrigerator .  If you know you want to hang something a bit heavy – just add 2 magnets.


Next, add the scrapbook stickers!  I did use the glue gun for this.  SCORE!  I had fun at the store and over-bought stickers.  This one package could make many hangers.  I didn’t want to be limited creatively!


Here are the hangers.  Like I said, just small binder clips with a hook.


This is my favorite photo of my beautiful God-Daughter, Julie and her hubby John.  I love this project!


Think of the possibilities.  You could make a hanger for each child with their initials.  What about school artwork – report cards – new baby – graduation.   There is no limit to imagination!

Have fun with this!  Enjoy!

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