Thanks for all the notes and well wishes.  We are recovering from Hurricane Harvey.

We had 38″ of water flow through our house.  We are not in a flood zone.  It hit us by surprise that there was a chance of flooding at our home.  On day 1, Harvey was hitting Rockport, TX, I was sitting at the pool enjoying the sunshine and nice weather.


This was my view and I was in total denial.  I needed to be on alert!

My son and daughter-in-law found this in the garage.  We laughed when they took it in the street and rowed down to the cul-de-sac.  It ended up keeping our belongings dry when we were trying to get on the evacuation boat.

I am still thinking that this is crazy.  But, my husband is moving all our photos upstairs.  He was dumping everything in my sewing room and getting  yelled out because he’s making a mess for me.

Still in denial.  Me and Hogan were sewing and watching the rain fall.  (55″ in 5 days)

Hogan belongs to my son, Fred and his wife Karly.  He’s a cute little dog.

But… As you would guess my number was pulled and we flooded.   I can now say I rode a boat up my front street.  We saved all that we could from the first floor.  Many things, like upholstry furniture can not be carried up stairs and saved.  Anything that got wet – got tossed.  The water was so very dirty.  So for 2 days we were evacuated and waiting to see what could be salvaged.   Not much…

So now I have a “new normal”.  Hubby and I are living on the second floor in my sewing room and a upstairs bedroom.  “New normal”.  I have had to be creative with the boxes full of all of the belongings that could be saved.  I donated so much and packed everything else.  Fourteen years of “stuff”.  I needed to divvy up my kids things.  They have their own place.  I had clothes that I was never going to wear again.  Now they will belong to someone new.

So I got to thinking about some posts that I had done in the past.  And this one seemed too perfect for my life now.  I can handle 7-10 months in this mess.   I thought I would re-publish this cute embroidery.

Creativity Embroidery Pattern 

Click on the link to get the free pattern.  I could not tell you where this cute framed embroidery is right now.  Probably in a box with nails, the coffee maker and socks.  Nothing in my life is “neat and organized”.  Nothing!   But I am being “creative” and working on loving my “new normal”

Thank you again for all the notes and well wishes.  My family and I really appreciated the concern.


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  1. Mary Jean,

    Thank you for sharing your story. So many of us think…
    “This could never happen to me. ”
    Here’s to the new normal! Good for you for inspiring others by finding “whats great” about what otherwise might be a tragic loss.

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