My son, who is 30, purchased a new house this year near Ft. Worth, TX.  It’s a beautiful new home in a neighborhood where the kids can run from house to house.  They have walking trails and parks.  It’s really a dream home for them.  It’s nice to see your kids happy.

Tim loves a real Christmas tree.  He was heartbroken when Kevin and I decided to forgo the real tree and get a artificial tree.  Texas winters are hot and the needles fell too quickly.  I spent most mornings cleaning up the needles under the tree and had enough of that.  I’m not a slave to a 6 ft. fir!

So, here’s what Tim did this year.  He loaded up his oldest, Ryan, and went off to buy a tree.  He picked out a 9 ft. beauty and had the farm load it on his car.  It was a great plan until he got home.  Nine foot tree – 5 year old – 2 year old and pregnant wife.  Who would help him unload the tree and set it up in the house?  Great plan Tim!  Kevin and I just had a quiet laugh to ourselves and enjoyed the beautiful scent it left in his home.  The tree is amazing and I hope he is taking care of the tree so our daughter-in-law is not sweeping up needles everyday.

This is for Tim – and anyone else that has a real Christmas Tree.


Click here for Care Tips for your Christmas Tree by the National Christmas Tree Association

Enjoy!  MJ

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