Nathan did not have to ask me twice if I wanted to attend Vogue Knitting Live 2017 at Red Rock, Las Vegas – Yes Yes Yes and more Yes!

We had a blast attending our first trade show of 2017.  We have a very aggressive schedule this year.  More shows than last year and more travel then I’ve done.  Guess Why????


You heard me right!  Stella task light is now 25% brighter and has a touch pad that is raised.  She’s pretty!

If you didn’t see us at VKL, make it a point to chick out our web page.  It’s our first new product in many months.  She was well liked!  She showed off her stuff in Las Vegas!  She’s worth the wait!

Now, let’s talk about VKL.  We met some really fun people and I lost $8!  I’m not much of a gambler.  Red Rock Casino was the host hotel.  The canyons were spectacular!

I am sure there is some “geological” explanation for the banding of red throughout the rock but I just was so in awe of the greatness of the mountain.  (remember I live in Houston – no mountains)

Nathan kicked off the show wearing his “6 year sweater”.  Six years ago, he bought yarn for Stacy at a show and asked her to make him a sweater.  She did but it was not instant.  She has 6 children.  Life gets in the way!  But, the good wife that she is finished the sweater in time for winter this year.  Nathan underestimated how hot it was going to be in Las Vegas and wore it the first day in the booth.  Despite the many, many comments and compliments he was given – HE FRIED!  It was hot!

I neglected to get a photo of him in his sweater.  Here he is working at this white board in his office.  Stacy is a fabulous knitter.  I am not.

Nathan and I had a constant stream of old friends and new friends come by to say “Hi.  Where ya’ been?”  We’ve been right here.  Nose to the grindstone!  It was good to be back on the road again.  We both agreed.

Have you met Amy Detjen???

Amy is a traveler!  She teaches.  She leads knitting tours.  She writes patterns.  She works at Knit Circus and she is an all over ball of fire.  We love her sense of style – PURPLE!  Check her out here!

Here is Nathan looking very handsome with 2 beautiful ladies!  Patty Lyons and Brooke Nico came by for a visit and a demo of the new Stella 2!  Both ladies taught very full classes and were spent by the end of the show but still with a beautiful smile.  Check out Brooke and Patty.

Just for fun, I will list the teachers and web pages.  Hopefully, I will find them all but if I forgot someone please forgive me!

Lorilee Beltman                          Kyle Kunnecke

Josh Bennett                               Melissa Leapman

Laura Bryant                               Keith Leonard

Nicky Epstein                              Romi Hill

Rhonda Fargnoli

Faina Goberstein

I hope your days are beautiful.  Good weather and Good knitting!  Enjoy,  MJ

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