Busy doing nothing may be strong words.  I am busy – but doing nothing…. sometimes it feels like two steps forward and three steps back.

First off – #3 is getting married.  Karly and Fred (#3) got engaged last year June.  We love our new daughter-in-law to be.  She fits right in the our #1 son Tim’s wife – Amie.  They both are keepers!  I didn’t have any girls – I was blessed with 3 boys – so my daughter-in-laws are very important to me.  Who would give me great fashion advise?  Not Kevin Murphy – hubby…. no way!

 Here they are.  Just a few more days and it will be wedding week!  Oh yeah, that alone is keeping me hopping.  There is always a job or assignment for a wedding.

However, I decided to take a quilting class.  It was a challenge for me to sit through a class.  I am not a great student.  I am an awesome teacher.  But student, I am not a patient person.  I want to get to it!

A few very close girlfriends decided to do the Farmer’s wife quilt.  Here’s the book…

This book has 99 quilt blocks that can be paper pieced or template pieced.  I went paper pieced.  Can you believe I committed to 99 paper pieced blocks?  NUTS!  They are fun, beautiful and A LOT OF WORK!

Here’s the one I am currently working on.  2 1/2 hours this block alone!

They start with the color photo (left).  You print a “road map” with the CD included. (right)

52 Pieces in this block.  And just when you think you are done….

You are left with this mess!  Paper-fabric-little slices of everything – EVERYWHERE!

Holy Mackerel!

These are turning out really beautiful.  I am so happy I did this and it will be a great addition to my guest bedroom.  I am doing it in Kansas Trouble fabric.

Have you ever paper pieced?  Here’s a great tutorial….

Check out Laura Coia of Sew Very Easy.  She does great tutorials!

And Last but not least –

Here is the new love of my life

Welcome Cole Jacob!  #1 had son #3.  It runs in the family!

Here’s #1 (Ryan) and #2 (Luke)

Every Day is a New Day!  Every day, I just try to push forward.  It’s all about balance – Family, Friends, Hobby, Time for you, Time for others.  Just doin’ my best.


Enjoy!  MJ

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