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How do you charge Stella?

Stella Lighting‘s Stella lamp stands out as more than just another desk lamp; it stands as an icon of innovation with its outstanding brightness, adjustable settings, sleek modern design, and ease of charging. But you might wonder: How do you charge Stella?

Charging your Stella lamp is easy! In this post, we will take you step-by-step through this straightforward process to ensure it keeps banishing desk-based shadows for hours on end.

Identification of Your Stella Lamp

Stella Lighting offers various lighting solutions, so the first step should be identifying which Stella lamp best meets your lighting needs. Our most popular model – the Stella Go with wireless charging capabilities – may be appropriate. If this versatile desk lamp fits, continue reading for charging instructions.

Stella Lighting products may contain specific charging instructions in the product manual or FAQ section of their website; for more information visit Stella Lighting’s website!

Charging Your Stella Go Lamp

Stella Go lamps boast long-lasting batteries, but even the brightest stars need to recharge periodically to stay lit up. Here’s how you can keep your Stella Go lamp shining:

  • Locate the Power Button: On the back of your Stella Go lamp near its neck is the master power switch which should sit flush against its body when off. This button may require turning it to find it!
  • Switch on for Charging: Push outward on the master power button so it protrudes slightly; this should cause it to illuminate as an indicator that charging has begun for your lamp.
  • Plug In and Power On: With the included power adapter, connect a cable from its charging port on the bottom of the lamp directly into its port for charging before plugging the adapter directly into a wall outlet.
  • Charge Time: For optimal performance, we suggest charging your Stella Go lamp for at least eight hours or overnight for full charging. When in charging mode, its green directional arrows illuminate and pulse; once fully charged they should remain solidly lit.

Pro Tip: While charging, the lamp may feel slightly warm. Don’t panic: this is perfectly normal and shouldn’t cause concern.

How To Maintain Stella Lamp Batteries

As with any rechargeable battery, that used in your Stella TWO lamp has its lifespan. To prolong it as best possible, follow these simple tips to extend its lifetime:

  • Avoid Full Discharges: Whenever possible, charge up your Stella Go lamp before its battery fully discharges; deep discharges shorten its overall lifespan and may significantly impact performance.
  • Utilize Stella Go Lamp Charger: Only use the charger provided with Stella Go lamps to ensure proper charging and prevent potential damages.
  • Always Store Stella Go Lamp Charged: For prolonged storage periods, be sure to maintain at least 50% charge in its battery for best performance.

By following these charging and maintenance tips for the Stella Go lamp, you can make sure it remains a bright addition to your desk for years.

Are You Shopping for Stella Lamp?

If you are searching to add some brightness and elegance to your workspace, Look no further! Stella Lighting provides a full line of desk lamps – including Stella Go – along with other innovative lighting solutions, so illumination is never far away! Visit Stella Lighting now – shop lamps here! Illumination awaits with just one click!

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