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How do you style a floor lamp in a living room?

How do you style a floor lamp in a living room

Floor lamps are unsung heroes of living room lighting, providing essential illumination while creating an intimate ambiance and adding personality to your space. However, with so many styles and options to choose from, How do you style a floor lamp in a living room? 

Stella Lighting offers this guide on floor lamps to assist with finding one to complete your living room design with style and light!

How do I choose a floor lamp? 

Before deciding on styling options for our living rooms, let’s first understand some key factors when selecting a floor lamp:

  • Function of Floor Lamp: What are its primary objectives? Do you require task or ambient lighting, or both, for reading? Or is your lamp meant for both?
  • Size and Scale: Choose lamps for your living room that are proportionate in height with your furniture to avoid visual clutter. Opt for taller lamps if you have larger furniture and petite ones for smaller furniture. Make sure the armrests reach just over them for optimal illumination.
  • Style: Selecting a lamp style that complements your living room aesthetic can be challenging, but Stella Lighting makes the search easy with our wide variety of classic, traditional, modern, and minimalist lamps available online.

What Kind of Lamp is Best for Living Room? 

There’s no single “right” lamp for every living space; your ideal selection depends on individual requirements and tastes. At Stella Lighting we have many popular styles available that could add elegance to your space such as:

  • Arc Lamps: Arc lamps boast dramatic designs featuring an arcuate arm to cast light across sofas or seating areas, creating the ideal reading nook or conversation space. Modern elegance comes together beautifully in these striking lamps!
  • Classic Stick Lamps: Timelessly and versatile, classic stick lamps feature a slim base topped by fabric or glass shades, providing warm light. Ideal for armchairs or sofas.
  • Swing-Arm Lamps: These functional lights offer focused light with their adjustable arms and heads for reading nooks or home offices; they may also serve well for task lighting in other parts of the living space.
  • Torchiere Lamps: These upward-facing lamps shine light off of ceiling surfaces to produce a soft, diffuse glow perfect for general illumination.

Stella Lighting offers more than the typical styles. Consider our STELLA TWO lamps for increased functionality.

Floor Lamps – How You Can Style It in Your Living Room 

Create a Reading Nook

Combine a swing-arm lamp, comfortable armchair, and side table into an inviting reading nook for optimal reading comfort. Throw blankets and decorative pillows can add even further convenience for reading sessions!

Highlight Art or Features 

Use floor lamps to draw attention to artworks or architectural features by positioning them near an artwork, bookshelf, or architectural detail. This will draw eyes directly towards these parts.

Balance the Room

If your living room features large windows that create bright spots, strategically placing a floor lamp opposite these bright areas may help even out lighting and provide more even illumination throughout.

Layer Your Lighting

Don’t limit yourself to using only floor lamps as a lighting source – combine overhead illumination, desk lamps, and wall sconces into an array of layered lighting schemes that offer various levels of illumination for different tasks and moods.

Consider Your Shade

Your floor lamp shade plays a pivotal role in its overall aesthetic and functionality, so experiment with various materials like fabric, glass, or metal until you find one that complements both your personal taste and lighting needs.

Bottom Line

Shop lamps from Stella Lighting – They offer an expansive collection of floor lamps for even more inspiration, offering styles, colors, and materials from which you can choose. We carry floor lamps in every imaginable style! Visit us now!

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