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How tall should a floor lamp be?

How tall should a floor lamp be

Floor lamps are unsung heroes of interior design. From creating warm illumination in our rooms to adding ambience and personality, they play an essential part in interior aesthetics. However, with so many styles and sizes of lamps to choose from, a key question arises: How tall should a floor lamp be?

Understanding Floor Lamp Heights

There’s no universally right height for floor lamps – their optimal placement depends on numerous variables like function and room layout.

Task Lighting

For concentrated activities such as reading or working at a desk, lamps with shades positioned 48 to 54 inches from the floor are best. This allows light sources that perfectly correspond with eye level while sitting while also minimising strain on eyesight. Stella Lighting has plenty of task-oriented desk lamps if that’s what you’re searching for!

Ambient Lighting

Floor lamps play a powerful role in creating an intimate ambience, so choosing a floor lamp that falls between 42 to 58 inches in height is vital to setting an inviting ambience in a room. They produce soft light that fills it, giving a welcoming ambience that invites a cosy ambience.

Proportion and Scale

Consider your room when making this choice. In an expansive living area with tall ceilings, opt for taller floor lamps (60-68 inches). A smaller space might feel overwhelmed by such tall fixtures so shorter lamps (52-58 inches) might provide greater harmony and proportionality.

Beyond Height: Additional Considerations

While height plays an integral part in selecting the perfect floor lamp, other aspects must also be taken into account:

Shade Size

When selecting lampshades to complement both the height of your lamp and furniture scale, be mindful to choose something proportionate in terms of shade size and overall effect. A wider lampshade on tall lamps can create more of an eye-catching statement while smaller shades provide subtler lighting solutions.


Consider what type of lamp would best meet your lighting needs: an adjustable arm to create focused illumination or perhaps one equipped with dimmers for creating different moods. Stella Lighting provides floor lamps in various forms to meet all these criteria – shop them today at Stella Lighting!

Finding The Ideal Floor Lamp 

How to choose a floor lamp? Selecting a floor lamp is an exciting way to transform any space. By considering all of the factors discussed here, you’re sure to find an outstanding lamp that not only provides just enough light but also complements existing decor perfectly. Stella Lighting carries an exquisite selection of STELLA TWO and floor lamps in different styles and heights that will perfectly illuminate your home!

Stella Lighting Can Shine Your Light 

Let Stella Lighting help you find your ideal floor lamp! With our diverse selection and commitment to quality, we know you will find an object which illuminates any space with beauty – visit us online now and find a world of lighting possibilities from our shop lamps!

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