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How to choose lamps for bedroom?

How to choose lamps for bedroom

Bedrooms should be places of rest, relaxation, and late-night reading – where we find sanctuary from stress or can focus on finishing that chapter! Lighting plays a pivotal role in turning this space from just somewhere we sleep into the true sanctuary – bedside lamps play an integral part in setting this atmosphere and setting you up to relax or stay focused during reading time. But How to choose lamps for bedroom? 

This blog post by Stella Lighting will assist in choosing bedroom lamps that fulfill both functional and stylistic requirements!

Functionality First: Assess Your Needs

Before considering aesthetics, first, take an inventory of how your bedside lamps will serve your needs: are they for late-night reading sessions, or perhaps setting an uplifting ambiance before sleeping?

  • Task Lighting Vs Ambient Lighting: Task lighting provides focused illumination, perfect for reading or applying makeup. Look for lamps with adjustable shades so you can direct light where it needs to be directed. Ambient lighting on the other hand helps create an ambient ambience; look for lamps with diffused shades to spread softer lighting throughout your space.

Stella Lighting offers many Stella 2 desk lamps which combine functionalities. Look for lamps with adjustable shades or dimmers so that you can switch between a focused beam and soft illumination!

  • Dimmable Lamps: Dimmable lamps can be an incredible game-changer. Their ability to adjust brightness according to individual needs creates an ideal atmosphere for reading books or relaxing before bed.
  • Number of Lamps: Your choice as to the number and arrangement of lamps depends entirely upon yourself. Two matching lamps on nightstands create an air of harmony and equilibrium while an individual statement lamp adds character and visual interest.

Finding the Right Size Lamp

Once we understand your desired functionality, let’s address size and scale. How tall should a bedroom lamp be? – Here is where measuring nightstands comes into play – that way the perfect nightstand will come into view!

  • Nightstand Measurements: Use a measuring tape and record the dimensions of your nightstand’s height and width to find out its ideal lamp size and achieve an aesthetic balance in terms of size, scale, and style. This will enable you to select an optimal lamp that complements its surroundings perfectly.
  • Lamp Height: As a general guideline, lampshades should sit just beneath eye level when sitting up in bed; this requires lamps between 24-30 inches tall. For optimal scale with tall headboards, choose lamps that are at least 50% shorter.
  • Lamp Width: For optimal results, keep this rule of thumb in mind: lamp base width should ideally equal one-third the width of your nightstand to ensure it matches and compliments it without overwhelming it. Avoid lamps wider than your nightstand to maintain an elegant aesthetic. 

Style Speaks Volumes: Add Style with Finishing Touch

Now comes the fun part – selecting lamps that express your style! 

Match Your Decor 

Consider what design aesthetic dominates in your bedroom space; is it modern, minimalist, or traditional? Choose lamps to complement that overall decor for a seamless appearance – at Stella Lighting we offer lamps in every style imaginable so browse now to find something perfect!

Material and Color of Lamp

Your lamp material and color choices have an enormous effect on its atmosphere and aesthetic. While glass or metal lamps offer sleek modernist looks, fabric shades create a warmer more traditional ambiance. Keep an eye out for hues that complement existing schemes when choosing which style of shade would complement it best. 

Create Your Perfect Bedroom Oasis with Stella Lighting

By carefully considering functionality, size, and style when planning your bedroom environment, it can become the ultimate oasis. Lighting options from (Stella Lighting’s shop lamps) provide just the right environment to relax or focus while at the same time creating the ideal ambiance for reading, night owls, and sweet dreams!

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