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How to light a bedroom properly?

How to light a bedroom properly

Bedrooms should be places for restful restorative relaxation and rejuvenation; where we relax after long days, catch up on precious sleep, or curl up with our favorite book. However, sometimes overlooked is how important lighting plays in creating the ideal atmosphere in our bedrooms. Proper bedroom illumination can transform functional spaces into restful settings that promote better restfulness for overall well-being and better sleeping patterns. But, How to light a bedroom properly? 

Stella Lighting can help you find the perfect lighting for your bedroom. Here we answer some of your frequently asked questions about bedroom illumination.

Should Lamps Match in a Bedroom? 

While matching lamps can add cohesion and visual interest in a room, mismatched ones may offer greater lighting flexibility for different activities.

Here’s how you can achieve harmony when selecting mismatched lamps:

  • Keep it cohesive: To achieve harmony among mismatched lamps, maintain an overall style cohesiveness among them all – even if their shapes differ, make sure that their aesthetic matches one another; perhaps pairing two sleek metal table lamps and one woven floor lamp both of which adhere to modern minimalism is one such approach.
  • Color Coordination: Choose lamps with complementary or complimentary hues in their palette or design that create an eye-pleasing aesthetic across each lamp’s unique features. Doing this creates an aesthetic link despite differences among them and offers visual harmony despite differences among them.
  • Balance and Scale: Be conscious of both the size and placement of lamps when creating an intimate bedroom space. A dramatic floor lamp placed on one side can be balanced out by smaller table lamps placed opposite on either nightstand.

Which Colour Light is Best for Room?

The color temperature of lighting has an immense effect on the mood and atmosphere of any given space, especially bedrooms. Here is a run-through of some of the ideal light colors to consider for this bedroom:

  • Warm white (2,700K-3,000K): This cozy light is great for creating an inviting and soothing ambiance in any bedroom, especially before bed when used before inducing sleep via increasing production of melatonin, the sleep hormone.
  • Soft White (3,000K-4,000K) Light: With its mix of warm and cool tones, soft white light creates an overall relaxing ambiance in any bedroom environment, providing adequate illumination while still being suitable for reading or dressing tasks and creating an ideal atmosphere.

Layer Light for an Ideal Bedroom Ambiance

A key ingredient of creating the ideal bedroom environment lies in layering different lighting sources to achieve optimal illumination and ambiance. Here are a few layers to keep in mind for creating this impactful ambiance:

  • Ambient lighting: Ambient lighting can help illuminate an entire bedroom, so choose ceiling lights or wall sconces that emit warm or soft white hues of illumination.
  • Task lighting: For specific tasks that must be accomplished. A desk lamp like Stella 2 from Stella Lighting’s collection could make an excellent addition to any nightstand – ideal for reading and laptop usage!
  • Accent lighting: Adds drama and emphasizes decorative features in your bedroom with accent lighting from either table lamps or strategically placed floor lamps.

Final Thoughts

Integrating these tips and experimenting with Stella Lighting’s range of options available, you can craft a bedroom filled with the ideal illumination, offering relaxation and sleep-inducing bliss! Your sweet dreams await – they’re just one switch away! Shop Lamps here!

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