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How to pack lamps for moving?

How to pack lamps for moving

Moving is always exciting and can sometimes feel daunting; packing fragile items such as lamps may add another level of challenge and anxiety! But, how to pack lamps for moving? – With some preparation and proper packing techniques in place, your desk lamps from Stella Lighting will arrive safe at their new homes ready to cast a warm glow into each corner of the room!

Disassembly Is Key

Before collecting all your packing materials, take some time to disassemble your lamps. Not only will this make them more compact for boxing purposes; but also reduce risk during transport.

  • Unscrew both the harp and finial: A harp is the metal structure which holds your lampshade securely while its finial is the decorative knob at its summit.
  • Remove the shade: Carefully disconnect your lampshade from its harp. 
  • Take out the Bulb: Clean off and pack away its components as soon as you’ve removed its shade and bulb separately in bubble wrap or packing peanuts to reduce breakage.

Wrap It Up With TLC

Now that your lamp is assembled and ready to pack, let’s assemble our supplies: 

  • Bubble Wrap
  • Packing Paper 
  • Foam Cushioning Material for cushioning
  • Sturdy cardboard boxes (preferably the original packaging of your lamp)
  • plastic bags 

For your lamp base

  • Bubble Wrap Bliss: Wrap it generously in bubble wrap to cushion all sides – ensure no corners go uncovered by this cushioned layer!
  • Paper Protection: For added safety and peace of mind when shipping bubble-wrapped bases, wrap them with packing paper as an additional measure. 

For the lampshade

  • Fabric shades: To prevent dust accumulation or minor scratches on their finish from scratching their finish surfaces during transit use a large clean plastic bag to loosely wrap and cover their shade – tissue paper may be useful when covering delicate fabric shades as well.
  • Hardback Shades: For maximum protection and optimal fit, hardback shades should be wrapped securely with packing paper and tape to secure them to their bases. 

At STELLA LIGHTING, we often keep its original box so if possible use that as it provides optimal fit and ultimate protection!  

Box It Securely

  • Box With Care: If possible, choose a sturdy cardboard box that perfectly encases your lamp base; otherwise use one slightly larger.
  • Cushioning Is Key: Fill the bottom of the box with packing peanuts or foam cushioning for maximum softness when filling.
  • Standing Tall: Position your wrapped lamp base upright within its designated spot within the box for best results.
  • Fill The Gaps: Add packing peanuts or crumpled packing paper to any empty spaces around the lamp base to prevent shifting during transport.
  • Shade Sanctuary: To prevent the crushing of its lampshade during shipping, pack its shade separately within its box that provides adequate cushioning material.

Label Your Lamps 

Once your lamps have been packed safely, take extra care when labelling their boxes! Make sure that each of them is marked “Fragile – Lamp”, including their contents (e.g. “Desk LampStella 2“) to allow movers to handle each package with care while helping ensure you easily identify each lamp when unpacking in your new home.

Final Thoughts

Simply follow these instructions from the Stella Lighting website to have your lamps ready to illuminate any new room! Packing wisely can ensure your beloved lighting fixtures arrive safely while offering their warm glow throughout your new chapter of life! Also, visit our website to shop for lamps!

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