So, I don’t think I need to remind you that I am not really a crafter.  I don’t have the proper supplies to craft.  You know,  the glue sticks and paper scissors, etc.  But, this week I saw a web page that I thought was really cute.  Of course, I saw it on Pinterest.  I find some really great ideas on Pinterest.  What can’t you find on Pinterest?  I wish I was the one who thought of this web site.

So, the post was by a blog called “Crazy Little Projects” and here is the link.  Twenty-five handmade Christmas Ornaments.  I am on a roll with these ornaments this year.  I like anything that’s a little project and to add “crazy” to it – Yes Please!  The paper craft ball was the first one I chose.

Click here for the pattern.


I gathered my supplies.  Yes, I did have to run to the craft store for a few of these.  Double-Sided paper – 1 red and 1 white.  I was going for a candy cane look.

mini double-sided adhesive dots

a pencil and a circle template

thin wire and scissors to cut out the paper.  The green stick is an exacto knife.  It was a good thought but didn’t work.  I ended up just getting a pair of scissors out of the drawer.

ribbon for the hanger


I drew off my circles and arranged them in the proper manner according to the directions.


The directions said to fold the circles in half.  I did that but I think it would have been better to fold them in half and then turn them and fold them the other way.  Not in quarters – just loosen up the fold to go “back and forth”  This is confusing I know but I think you will get the idea.  I added the wire just as they said.  You could even add a little “tab” of wire at the top so you can easily add the ribbon hanger.  I just looped the ribbon around the wire carefully when I was done.  Either way is fine.


Here’s the ball when I was done with the dots.  Really watch so the glue dots are at about the 1/4 to 1/3 way down point.  You just need to keep them even.  I think the smaller the ball the closer to 1/4 way down – the larger the ball 1/3 way down is fine.  Just work with the flexibility of the paper to see what is correct.  This is where the added benefit of the fold being “loose” comes in.  At this point, all you need to do is just work with the paper to “fancy” up your ornament.


Here’s my ornament before I added the ribbon.  This was really an easy project.  Crazy Easy!


I think the finished project turned out cute.  I bet they do these in the elementary schools.  If you know a teacher pass along this post to them.  Such a fun project and not messy with glue.  I think I am now a big fan of adhesive dots.  I never knew such a product existed.  I need to get out more!

Happy Crazy Ornament Making!

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