I am overboard with the homemade tree ornaments this year!  I originally just set out to do a few as part of a 12 days of Christmas post but I am really having fun.  When Nathan asked me to “host” Stella Studio I knew I was in for an adventure but little did I know I was going to acquaint myself with the craft and hobby store in my area.  I know every quilt store in about a hundred mile radius but I haven’t been in Michaels or Hobby Lobby in maybe years.  That sounds crazy.  CRAZY!  There are so many new products on the market.  The crafting industry has grown right under my nose!  You all probably knew that already.  Ask me about quilting.  Ask me about lighting.  Ask me about recipes but don’t ask me about paper crafts.  But, haha, I am in love with the local craft store right now.

Here’s what sent me to Michaels.

When I saw these ornaments on a blog called LollyJane  I wanted to try my hand at a handwriting ornament.  I have seen on Etsy.com the abundance of chalkboard art.  Click here for the pattern and follow along with me for some extra tips and instruction.

Here’s the supplies I gathered:

I purchased some paint.  In those little bottles from the Acrylic aisle, I found a red and green in regular acrylic paint and a black chalkboard paint.  I purchased a foam “chunk” brush. (I wish I would have bought a few of these.  1 for every color paint) A paper plate for the paint.

Scissors, template and a chalkboard paint marker, hole punch and ribbon

I used just plain card stock weight paper from the printer.  I maybe could have found a better option but I was already in Michaels for over an hour looking at everything.  I did have to make dinner at some point!

I painted a piece of  card stock with the Red acrylic paint and one piece with the chalkboard paint.  I did have to do 2 coats and make sure not to wet the paper too much.  I think the card stock would have warped if it got too wet.


You can see the chalkboard paint dry now and I am ready to give the writing a try.  I am not a timid crafter.  I do all my quilt labels free hand so I am no stranger to writing but this is different.  It’s all there is to these ornament so every boo-boo will be seen.  So, practice makes perfect.  I did the few sayings that LollyJane had done on her blog.  I figured if it was good enough for her, it was good enough for me.  The chalkboard paint markers are easy to write with.  They are like a calligraphy pen.  The “Meet me under the Mistletoe” ornament is my template.  I purchased this for 29¢. I found  a bunch of these little ornaments for that price so I picked up a few different shapes for later use – or maybe today’s use.  Who knew – the don’t expire!  I think my writing went ok.  Not too bad for a first time.


Here is my first attempt.  So, I made a boo-boo on the “and” and used some paint to correct it.  This is after it dried so we can all agree that you get one chance at these ornaments.  There is no corrections – only the trash can!

IMG_1109 IMG_1107

Here is try #2.  I re-did the chalkboard one and then used a different template to try the “Peace, Love and Joy”.  Readers, these are easy, fun and really cute.

Okay, now the wheels are turning.  Ric-Rac!  Yes, I saw all of these spools of ric-rac in Michaels so I bought one of every color.  Why not?  They were on sale!  So, I got out the lonely glue gun and attached ric-rac to the edges of the round “Peace, love and Joy” ornament and hid the start and stop point with the ribbon hanger.  (and burned the devil out of my fingers – again)

I chose to use the hole punch to attach the ribbon to hang the ornament.  However, I remembered the bakery string I bought a few weeks ago and didn’t know what to do with it.  I changed it out with the string after the photo was taken.


I like these ornaments and I like all the possibilities that I can do with this technique.  From personalized ornaments to gift tags for that special gift, I’m all  in now.  Oh, what you can learn from a trip to the craft store.  Thanks to LollyJane.

Follow along with me.  I still have a few more ornaments to try!  Enjoy!

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