“As you begin a new start after your treatments, we hope this handmade washcloth will help you wash away the last marks of your radiation journey.  May God bless you as you begin a new day.”

New Start Volunteers


That is the words on the card attached to the washcloth I was given when I “graduated” from radiation.

In January of this year, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  I am very lucky because I caught this awful disease very early and had the simplest treatment path.  I read a quote in the Dr. office ” No matter how big or small your cancer is, the emotions are all the same size”  This quote stuck with me more than anything.  The last 4 months have been a “roller coaster” of emotions.  But here is what I have learned and would love to pass on to you….

  1. The best cure for any cancer is to be proactive.  Don’t wait.  Don’t guess it’s something else.  I am lucky because I do regular mammograms and self-exams.
  2. You never ever know what people are going through on the inside.  They may seem perfectly happy on the outside but inside going through some sort of turmoil.  Always, be kind.
  3. I have the best friends and family.  It’s amazing how when one is down the others step up.  My bee, my friends, neighbors and my family including my Stella family (I couldn’t ask for a more compassionate boss – Nathan & co-workers).

I decided to Pay it Forward.  I decided to make some washcloths.  I AM going to knit them.  If I can beat Breast Cancer – I CAN knit a washcloth.  Here’s some cute patterns.


Washcloth #1 was completed in the car to my #3 son’s Graduation.


That’s my baby, Fred.  He graduated from Texas State University with his Masters in Accounting.

The washcloth is a combination of knit and purl.  It was a challenge.  I had to remember when to knit and purl.  So, I repeated knit, purl, knit, purl until I think my husband came unglued!  He has now banned knitting in the car.  FINE!

Here is the pattern for the seed stitch washcloth #1.

Washcloth #2 was easier.  It was a combination of Knit, knit, purl, purl.  I watched a movie and repeated the pattern all to myself while hubby was at work.  I think he was thrilled not to hear knit and purl over and over.


Here is the pattern for this Textured knit washcloth #2.

Both washcloths were made with Sugar ‘n Cream cotton yarn by Lily.  It was easy to work with and really makes a soft and nice washcloth.  The yarn is reasonably priced and comes in many colors.

Whether you have been touch by Cancer or not, please consider making a few washcloths for your local cancer center.  This small token means so much to me.  It is a new start for me.  And it will be given to someone who will have a new beginning also.  I am forever changed but will never stop.


Thank you for all the well wishes!   Mary Jean



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