Have you ever signed up for a Block of the Month?  This idea is genius.  Of course you can do a block of a project every month.  There are 30 days in a month and it’s just one block.  How many of us has said that same sentence?  Back in 2002, I decided to dip my feet into this crazy, genius idea.  I saw a Block of the month that called my name while attending the International Quilt Festival in a booth called Cabbage Rose.   Cabbage Rose is a beautiful shop  in Fort Worth, Texas – West of Dallas.  Every year my attention would be drawn to this booth by the wonderful display they would set up.

The Block of the Month that called to me was a Patriotic Quilt called “America: The Pride of My Heart” by Veda Wilhite.  It’s done in a one of a kind sampler style.  Month one arrived at my door and by the end of the day I had it completed.  It was a couple of 7″ Friendship Stars.  Easy and Done!  What’s the big deal?

Month 2 – Ohio Stars – Done!  I was excited to see the envelope and went right at the block.  Until…..there’s always one block ….. the appliqué block showed up.  I was not a confident appliquér so this project went into the closet.

There are a few reasons why I am telling you this.

Block of the Month’s are excellent for making you “stretch” your abilities.  To complete the quilt you must finish the blocks – no matter how difficult or strange the block may be.  You must follow the directions and maybe try something new.  That is why a Block of the Month is great for a beginner.  It’s like a little learning kit delivered to your mailbox every month.  When you look at it that way, why not!

Back a few years ago, my friend, Sue and I were the Activities Directors for the Quilt Guild in our area.  We needed a program for the Holiday party plus a few workshops/fun sew days throughout the year.  Let’s group this into a theme!  In January, we had people fill out index cards that were “New Year’s Resolutions” for quilting.  If they filled out our cards, they got a button that said “I have a UFO problem”!  However, come December – the end of the year – they were going to be asked to come clean about there goals.  We held quarterly workdays for UFO’s only.  We provided a forum for learning new things and fellowship with other quilters.  These days were wildly popular and very well attended.  At the Holiday party in December, Sue and I got out the index cards and came right out and asked if you got your New Years Resolution completed.  Yes, you were called out!  It was a fun evening and most people brought the finished UFO for Show and Tell.  It was one of the best Show and Tells that we have ever been to.  My New Years Resolution was this Block of the Month.  It was close to 10 years old and I had only finished 3 months!


Now, I don’t know what came over me but I have signed up for another – YES ANOTHER – Block of the Month.  These cute embroidery blocks just called to me – yet again.  I am committed to 12 monthly projects.  Here’s what I ordered:


Each month for one year I will receive a pre-printed Flower Garden Stitchery Design plus all the Sulky embroidery thread you need to complete each design! No tracing required, no running to the store to find the thread you need! Just check your mail and begin sewing right away!  Why not!  No tracing, no running to the store?  This is a match made in heaven. Check out all the Embroidery of the Month projects on their site by clicking here.  

Month 1 came and I love it!  The project pack is excellent.  Sulky Thread included!  The design is printed on a wash away.  I picked my own fabric – good for stash reduction – peeled off the design, stuck it to the fabric, got out my hoop and threw the thread  pack in my travel bag.  Now, when I am off to the airport for a trip or taking a trip in the car, I have a built in project that can be pulled out anytime.  It’s extremely portable!  There really isn’t any prep.  It’s Embroidery, it’s fun and it’s pretty!

If you are thinking about a new portable project, check out our friends at Stitches of Love.


This mother – daughter dynamic duo was our booth neighbor at Paducah, KY Quilt Week 2015.  Since then, we have stayed friends.  They have some of the cutest laser cut original designs I have ever seen.  They were a very popular booth at Quilt Week!  Julie is the designer and Brittany handles the business.  They laugh and have fun.  They have a great web page full of ideas, kits, downloads, quilting and embroidery.  They are 2 peas in a pod from Tallahassee, Florida.


Spool Bird is one of my favorite designs!  To see more of Stitches of Love Mug rug laser designs click here!

Stella Lighting is very excited to welcome Julie and Brittany of Stitches of Love into the Stella Family. We love our shop owners!

I really did vow never to do another Block of the Month.  I guess time has erased to guilty feeling of getting the envelope in the mail and not being caught up after I promised myself I could finish.  I did finish.  It took many years.  But, It’s finished!  That’s the important part .. Right???

I’m sure this one will be different.   That’s the promise I am making now.

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