I have a friend named Sara.  She is  very talented and does not shy away from a challenge.  She does a lot of T-Shirt quilts (as a business).  But, why I am telling you about Sara is she shared a great tip at bee today.  Sara has been in our bee for longer than me.  Over 20 years!

Sara likes the McKenna Ryan quilts.  Click here for more information.  Although, these quilts and wallhangings are so beautiful and realistic – NEVER-would I consider doing one of these patterns.  They have 10,000 pieces at a minimum!  Sara sat at bee this morning doing nothing else but copying the pieces onto Steam-a-seam.

Here’s Sara’s tip of the day.


Sara organizes her pieces with colored pencils.  She draws off all the trees with the green pencil and  numbers them to correspond with the original pattern and so on.  Blue Birds will be drawn off in blue.  Yellow flowers in yellow and so on….you get the picture.  When she takes the pieces to the ironing surface to adhere them to the fabric she knows what color fabric to use with each piece.  Such a great idea!

Next time I do a pattern with fusible web, I will use this great idea.  Thank you Sara!  Great ideas need to be shared!


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