Sassy Yarn Bag

All images taken and pattern written by Mary Jean Murphy, Stella Lighting

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2 Fat Quarters – 1 for main fabric / 1 for lining

Batting – 2 pieces at least 11” X 14”

Thread to match the fabrics

Grommet Kit  – any size will do.  You will be threading your yarn through this.

Cutting Instructions:

Main Fabric – Cut 2    9” X 12”

Lining Fabric  – Cut 2   11” X 14”

Zip Stop – Lining Fabric Cut 1  1 ¼” X 6”

Handle Loop – either fabric – Cut 1   4” X 6”

This fun bag can be made in any size with any size grommets.  They are like potato chips – you can’t make just one!  Use your scraps. Customize your bag with embroidery.  Let your personality shine through!

Key – All seams are ¼” unless otherwise stated.

RST – Right Sides Together     WST – Wrong Sides Together

Backstitching is recommended on all topstitching and the side seams during bag construction.

  1. Bag Prep – Layer lining wrong side facing up – batting – main fabric right side facing up.  Quilt as desired.  Trim to 9” X 12” – same size as the main bag fabric.


Finish all 4 edges with a zig-zag stitch.  This will catch all the stray fraying so the inside of the bag will be tidy as the seams will be exposed.


  1. Zipper Prep – Trim zipper 1 ¼” smaller than the top edge of your quilted units from step 1.  The zipper for this size bag will be 10 ¾”.  Trim from the top stopper end of your zipper making sure you don’t trim off the pull.


  1. Let’s make a coordinating zipper stop.   Press in half lengthwise wrong sides together.  Open and press both long edges to meet in the middle at the creased line.  Refold the center crease.  Press with some starch.


Insert the trimmed zipper end into the fold and sew along the edge (topstitch).  Do the same to the bottom stop end of the zipper.  Trim fabric even with zipper.  The zipper is now ready!


  1. Center the zipper RST along the top edge of one prepped bag unit.  There will be approximately 5/8”  of the bag unit showing on either side of the zipper.


Sew.  You may need to move around the zipper pull to get a nice ¼” seam.  Press seam away from the zipper and topstitch close to the zipper to hold this down and away from the zipper.


Repeat to add the 2nd bag unit.  Tip:  Make sure both bag units are centered on the zipper and the sides are even.  The bottoms will not be even at this time.


Optional:  If you would like to add a sassy handle now is the time to do it!

  1. Working with the handle loop fabric –  Prep and press the same way as the Zipper Stop.  Topstitch both edges of the handle.  Fold in half – this handle now measures 1” X 3”.  With RST – Measure 3” down from the zipper on the side of the bag the zipper pulls to and baste in place.  The handle loop will be pointing into the bag unit.IMG_0088
  2. Fold the bag RST matching the bottom seams and stitch.  Open zipper and align the side seams.  Stitch.
    Box the bottom of the bag by matching the bag bottom seam with the side seam.  Measure up 1 ½” mark and sew along the marked line.
    Cut away the excess (point) and finish the seam with a zig-zag.  Repeat on the other side of the bag.


  1. Turn bag.  Press.  One more step!


Add grommet to the corner opposite of the handle according to the directions on the grommet package.  Any size grommet will work as long as your yarn will thread through.


You did it!  You how have a sassy yarn bag to enjoy and protect your yarn!



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