My daughter-in-law Amie is great at organization.  She journals everything from her fitness habits to her daily schedule.  I think that is a great trait to have.  Some of us – who may have “been there done that” have let our organizational skills get kicked to the curb.  Ok – maybe I am talking about my downfalls but we all have that junk drawer – big or small.

I like to make lists.  Mostly because I get a sense of accomplishment when I cross something off the list.  I make grocery lists, things to do today and sometimes just jot down ideas for Stella Studio.  I have stacks of receipts, hunks of newspaper and endless amounts of notepaper with lists on them.

When I saw this post by Rachel’s Book Nook I decided to give it a try.  You know that I am really into paper crafting right now.  I don’t know why???  Ok, I do…I really like to shop at Michael’s.  It’s become my happy place since I spent countless hours shopping for the supplies for the past posts.  I’ve made friends with my glue gun .. my fingerprints have grown back .. and now I have scrapbooking supplies.  Mainly, new glue applicators!  The scrapbook adhesive is pretty cool.  You roll it on.  Yes, it has a roller wheel.

Check out the post below and let’s get organized with our lists.   If for no other reason but to keep them together so we know where to find them when we want to scratch them off.

Here’s the pattern.  Start to finished this project took less than 30 minutes!  No UFO!


The supplies are simple.  3 pieces of scrapbook paper 12 X 12, a composition book, I used a rotary cutter and mat and some scrapbook adhesive.

First, you cut the scrapbook paper according to Rachel’s Book Nook instructions.  They were very accurate.


I followed the instructions exactly.  I just rolled the adhesive onto the front cover of the composition book and adhered the front section of the scrapbook paper to it.  I did the same to the back cover.  There was no need to measure to ensure the paper was properly centered.  Just eyeball it.  The inside cover will hide all kids of mistakes.  Just get close.  I folded in the corners and then the top and bottom.  I applied the scrapbook adhesive to the paper this time to make sure I get it down securely.  Now, folding the edge and repeat with the back cover.


Add the inside lining.  I did line it up with the edge of the cover fold.  Repeat with the back inside lining.


Now, add the final 1″ X 9 3/4″  I did have to trim this before I glued it down.  It was just a hair too big and I didn’t want it to hang over and catch on anything.


Here it is all finished.  A little Water Lilies by Monet book.  People are going to think I am so artistic with such a “statement” book.

There are so many web blogs that are dedicated to getting organized in 2016.  I don’t think I am the only one who made a new years resolution to clean it out and get it organized!


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