I really love Appliqué.  However, I don’t believe one type of appliqué technique is perfect for every project.  Do you appliqué?  It’s an art and not for everyone.  You must have patience.  You can not get immediate results.  You must love prep work.

Recently, I pledged a small appliqué wallhanging to the Coburg, OR quilt show in July.  They were looking for items for a silent auction.  I chose a “do able” project from the book – “Lori Smith Fat Quarter Quilting”  She is a master of small pieced and appliqué projects.

Here is my progress and a great tutorial on doing Bias Stems.

Cut a bias strip from your stem fabric.  How wide???  Double the width of the finished stem + seam allowance.   Example – 1/2″ wide finished stem X 2 + 1/4″ seam allowance X 2 = 1 1/2″ wide strip.


Fold the strip in half and press.  Sew along the unfolded edge a scant 1/4″ seam.


Now fold the seam under the folded edge.  There will be 4 total layers.  Press and starch for stability.


Here’s my finished project.  Well, just the appliqué center.  I still have the hourglass blocks to construct and finish the small wallhanging but progress has been made!


Have you ever used the “backbasting” technique for appliqué ?  I am hooked.  Here’s the back of my project.  Check out more on this in an upcoming Stella Studio post.


Happy Stem making!  Enjoy!

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