There’s a Miracle called friendship

That dwells within the heart,

And you don’t know how it happens

Or when it gets its start.

 But the happiness it brings you

Always gives a special lift,

And you realize that friendship

Is life’s most precious gift.

Friends made along the way at quilt guilds, sewing classes, workshops and bees are lifelong friends.  Why is it that crafters seem to “flock” together and form friendships that stand the test of time?  They seem to have a “sisterhood”.  I asked a few friends what they thought.

One answered that it’s the common craft.  They have the opportunity to share a craft or talent.  They have a immediate bond because of the craft.  They have like interests.  This seems too simple for the extent of the bond.

I think it’s just that crafters are special people.  They are friendly, helpful and kind.  They think about others.  They work toward a common goal – project.  A crafter has joy in their heart.  They love their craft and love the people around them.  Crafters are always learning and they learn in groups.  It’s the fellowship that comes with the craft.  It’s everyones happy place.

So, today and everyday, find your happy place.  Mine today is reading a Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine at Starbucks.  While I was there I met 2 ladies knitting.  They were so friendly – Deb and Kay.  I know their names – because they are “my people”.  Crafters!  And they invited me to their next knitting workshop!


Enjoy!  Mary Jean

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