I was volunteered!  How many times have you said that?  The good thing is I like to be volunteered.  That just means that someone thinks I can do it.  In this case, the President of Stella Lighting, Nathan,  volunteered me to help with the Coburg Quilt Show.  The only problem with this is …. #1 I live in Houston, TX  – many, many miles from Coburg OR. And, #2 I am committed to a trade show in Syracuse, NY for the exact same date – As of the date of this post, I can’t cut myself in half.  But, while I was at the office in OR I met with the lovely chair lady.  She is the dream chairwoman!  She is energetic, likable and enthusiastic!  Yes, 3 of the 4 things you need to pull off a great quilt show.  (#4 is quilts!)  I told Karen I would love to help her but “here’s the situation”.   But, I would love to send a donation wallhanging for the silent auction.

Here’s the fun!


I chose a pattern from Lori Smith’s Fat-Quarter Quilting.  They are smaller projects but really have a great visual impact.  I know this because I LOVE her booth so much at shows that I buy EVERY pattern she has.  I just wish I had to time for all this appliqué!


This was a fun little quilt to do.  I finished the center block on the plane while traveling to and from the UK.  The quilting design just spoke to me.  I love when a quilt tells you how to quilt it.  If you haven’t tried one of Lori’s designs, I highly recommend them.  She has wonderfully written patterns.  Click on the link above for more patterns and designs.

I believe a quilt is not finished without a label.  Sometimes, I hate to make a label because it’s like I will be finishing a friend.  I know this is it.  I will be done and the pressure to find a new quilt that I will enjoy as much is hard – not to say I don’t have 10K things to chose from!

Check out the label I made for the back!


I started with a label book.  This is an old book by Kim Churbuck.  I bought this so many years ago at the International Quilt festival in Houston, TX.  She was sitting at a table with these books and I bought them all.  I haven’t seen her for years at a show but her books are still available on Amazon. 


I made a copy of the design and gathered my supplies.  My lightbox, my Pigma pen (black 02), fabric, colored pencils and a sandpaper board.  Now off to the races!  My favorite part!


This is the design drawn off with just to outline pen.  (Pigma 02 in black)  The outside marks (the rectangle around the design) is done with a frixion heat erasable pen.  They are just fold or guide lines  for later prep.

IMG_1007 IMG_1008

I placed my design on a sandpaper board for coloring, gathered my pencils and started coloring.  Of course, pull your Stella Light over to your workspace.  The colors show so brilliantly in the true color mode.  For old eyes – and tired eyes – like mine, my Stella is a must for coloring.  Have fun and be creative.


Here is my label all done and ready for the iron.  Now, the colored pencils I use are just Crayola pencils.  These are not permanent.  They will wash out if you are going to wash this piece frequently.  There are many other products on the market that will be more permanent so research this well before you start coloring.  Know how your project will be used.  This one will – maybe-never be washed.  It’s just a wallhanging.

Tip – When you iron your label, place a piece of muslin over your colored design to “blot” up any excess pencil.


Whoops!  I forgot to tell you I used Word on my computer to write out the information for the label.  I always sign my name better when I am tracing it.  I printed out the information, then used the “enlarge” and “reduce” on my printer to copy the words in the correct size.


I added the label to the back of the wallhanging.  What a cute touch if I have to compliment myself!  I love a cute label.

If you Google – coloring book designs – in Google Image on your computer there is a world of images out there for you to experiment with!  Be creative!  Show off!  Enjoy!


Here is the information about the Coburg Quilt Show.

If you are in the area stop by and say “Hi” to Karen.

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