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Lunch Sack Gift Bag!

They are like potato chips! When you make one, you want more and more and more! Try this easy lunch sack for gift wrapping, carry totes and just filling with goodies!

The pattern is designed by Cindy Taylor Oates of Taylor Made Designs and published by All People Quilt.  Click here for the free pattern.  All seams are 1/4″ unless indicated on the pattern.

So here it goes- follow along with me for a fun gift project that can be made in less than an hour!

The pattern is written with two different sizes. The larger gift bag is perfect for cookies, brownies or a candy treat for a teacher or neighbor. The small bag (my example shown is the small version) is perfect for small gifts, gift cards or socks.

Picking out my fabric was easy. I am making advent bags for my grandchildren. These are perfect for two gifts or candies for a daily advent – holiday countdown. My daughter-in-law, Amie, who I adore, laid down the law with me a few years ago about giving the kids too much candy and sweet snacks. I’m a grandma (actually Lolly) what did she expect?  So, I happily gave in and now I include matchbox cars, planes and puzzles in my advent bags. These cuties are perfect for filling – so Christmas/Holiday fabric it is!

I cut out the fabric – just as they suggested.  I fused Pellon brand mid-weight fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the main (outside) fabric of the bag.


Now, over to the sewing machine. With RST, sew up the side seams of the bag and the lining. Make sure you leave about a 3” opening in the side seam of the lining for ease in turning.


Sew across the bottom seam just like the side seams.  I have really great light at my sewing machine.  I added a Stella Edge to the front of my sewing table.  I’m in love!


The tricky part is not even tricky!  Box the bottom seam by “butting” up the side seam with the bottom seam.  Use an opposing seam and add a pin to hold in place.  This makes the bottom look more professional.    🙂


Now, your bag is really taking shape.  Okay – so the outside of the bag is nicely shaped.  The lining is a bit droopy!  Haha!


As you can see from the above photo I turned the outside unit to the right side but left the lining unit on the wrong side.  Insert the main fabric into the lining unit and adjust the side seams so they are together and opposing.  Put a few pins in the (now) one unit and even up the top.  You will have right sides together again. (right side of the main unit and right side of the lining unit)


Sew the top seam all the way around.  When completely sewn, pull the main fabric unit out the opening in the side seam of the lining.


Voila!  Press the top seam open. Fiddle with the sewn edge until you get the lining on the inside and the main fabric on the outside.  Topstitch in place!


I can’t believe I did a boo-boo!  I forgot to add the elastic closure to the top seam when I was sewing the units together!  What a bonehead!  So, you know I got out the seam ripper and added it now.  Ok – so my topstitching is not as pretty now.  What else is new!  I have 23 more to go – so hopefully this will be the only one I forget on! That’s what I get for the excitement of seeing it finished!  Here’s what I used as the closure.  A piece of simple “round” elastic.  The pattern calls for a coordinating closure loop made from the lining.  That would be really cute but I chose elastic because it was going to be “little” grandkids hands working this.  I thought it may be easier for them to open.


I folded the top over and marked where I wanted the button to be placed with my friXion pen. I added a cute button with some pearls cotton.  I have a feeling this button and closure will get plenty of “pulling and tugging”.


FINISHED!   Only 1 boo-boo – that’s not bad and I recovered from it without any stress!  Here’s the finished project.  When I fill these before the beginning of December, I will add a number tag for the dates.  My Ryan and Luke will be so excited to get a surprise each day of the holiday and my Amie will not yell at “Lolly” for giving the kids tons of candy and sweets.  Win-Win for all of us!


I love doing these bags.  What a fun project!  All People Quilt is a really nice web page for easy gift items.  I plan on trying more in the future so stay tuned to Stella Studio.

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