I love things that can be done in your lap and in front of the TV.  This holiday ornament is fast, kid friendly and fun to make.  Here’s the supply list:


3 squares of fabric – 5″ each  Two fabrics the same and one that is contrasting.

2 buttons.  Any buttons will do.  Some holiday buttons would be really cute too!

Any thread color.  The thread does not show in the end so just pick one.  I chose green embroidery weight thread.

Some perle cotton in size 8 is helpful but you can just use regular thread.  This is just to attach the buttons and to make the hanging loop.

scissors, needle, awesome light (maybe a stella) I used a finger press iron but I think a regular iron is helpful too.

This is a pattern from a blog called Sew, Love, Live.  She is Norwegian-American – her site/blog is beautiful.    Click here for the pattern.


I have completed the center of the ornament to step #5 and then set it aside.  This is my “cream” square.  If this ornament was a cookie the red square would be the cream center.  The green squares would be the cookie part.  I started with the “cream” center ’cause that’s my favorite of any cookie.


You make all three squares up to step #5 but continue with step #6 for the outside units.    So, here is the center “cream” unit and one of the “cookie” units.


When all three units are complete I switched my thread to the perle cotton to attach them all together.  They are just attached through the center with the buttons but I did a quick basting stitch to hold them in place.   I think I could have done a better job with centering the button so be careful to check your button placement for a more “tidy” ornament.

I personally think mine looks good.   Probably good enough for a gift tag or cute to hang around a bag of cookies for a neighbor. (I hope my neighbors are not reading this – it will ruin the surprise)

Give this a try.  Maybe you are a girl scout leader and need a project or just looking for something different.  I really loved this project and hope you do too!


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