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Have you noticed how overhead lights can worsen a headache? Light plays an integral part in both aggravating and relieving headaches, particularly migraines. At Stella Lighting, we recognize the significance of creating an atmosphere conducive to relaxation in your home; therefore in this post, we’ll look into What colour light of lamp is best for headaches as we guide you toward selecting one with therapeutic relief for headaches!

Blue Light as the Source of Headaches

Exposure to blue light-rich natural sunlight or electronic devices such as mobile phones is often blamed as being responsible for headaches. Prolonged exposure interrupts our sleep-wake cycle by suppressing the production of melatonin hormone, leading to headaches and eye strain symptoms.

Warm Light to the Rescue

When it comes to headaches, lamps that emit warm light may provide relief. Warm lighting consists of soft white or yellow hues with lower colour temperatures (around 2,700 Kelvin) than cool white light sources – meaning less blue light being released and creating a relaxing experience for eyes and mind alike.

Stella Lighting Offers Comforting Light Solutions 

At Stella Lighting, we carry an impressive variety of lamps designed to create warm lighting solutions in your space. Here are just a few recommendations from us:

Beyond the Lightbulb: Extra Tips to Relieve Headache

Finding an appropriate lamp colour is an effective first step toward managing headaches; here are a few more strategies for relieving them:

Final Thoughts

By understanding What colour light of lamp is best for headaches, you can make informed choices when selecting lamps for your home. Browse Stella Lighting’s warm light solutions to create an oasis of comfort and relaxation – remember how important lighting can be in relieving headaches and supporting overall well-being!

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