Stella»TWO LED Task Lamp

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New and upgraded craft and hobby lamp. Also designed For Macular Degeneration


Product Description

The Stella»TWO LED Task Lamp is the newest member of the Stella family.  Designed with the user in mind, Stella»TWO is for the individual who needs more overall light output, greater control over intensity and enhanced tactile feel.  The Stella»TWO is the ideal product for individuals who utilize adaptive technologies for low vision,  reading, crafting and creating.  The weighted base keeps the lamp steady while the flex arm allows the light to be rotated nearly every direction.  The tactile raised touch pad is located on the base and allows the user to dim the light to ten (10) different brightness settings, while still offering our Tri-Spectrum technology.  The Stella»TWO utilizes new state of the art Phillips Lumiled high performance LED’s while offering over 50,000 hours of life and minimal heat with no bulb replacement!  The Stella»TWO, where form meets function.

19 reviews for Stella»TWO LED Task Lamp

  1. Tisha.J

    I bought the Stella Two and its a game changer. I had a Stella at my workstation because and thought it was amazing. I was told the Stella Two was bolder and brighter, and it is! If you have middle-aged eyesight, this is worth every cent. I took a chance the first time- I needed a good light and I didn’t know how mediocre my existing sewing light was, but when this came and I plugged it in, the other lamp went straight tot Goodwill.

  2. David.L

    The Stella lamp is an impeccably designed product. The ability to adjust both color temperature and total intensity makes it extremely helpful for our patients with visual impairment, and we recommend it often.

    University of Colorado
    School of Medicine
    Department of Ophthalmology

  3. Lillian Bresnahan

    I am happy to report that the Stella Two, provided to my husband by the Veteran’s Administration for low vision problems, has made a wonderful difference to my husband’s ability to read, work on a calculator and many other things that he could not do before switching on this remarkable task lamp.

  4. Tomi Byers (verified owner)

    I have three Stella lights. Two desk top and one floor model. We are vacationing and I have one packed to take along. I don’t think I could do my hand work without one. It is the brightest light available. You won’t be sorry you get one (or two).

  5. Sandra Spain (verified owner)

    I ordered the Stella Two after reading a review by Mary Corbett. Like many, my eyesight is getting worse but this light has made all the difference in the world to my handwork, especially at night. I also put it by my sewing machine for extra light when needed. I was so impressed that I ordered one for my husband, and he is just as pleased with the results as I am. I will always have a Stella light for it makes sewing so much easier, be it hand or machine.

  6. Marlene Rausch

    I have 2 Stella lamps, one desk top, one clamp on l use for quilting. After buying my first one the clamp on, l was totally hooked. The lighting that is provided by Stella is far superior to any other light on the market. I love that both lights are adjustable and you cand change the amount of light you receive for your situation. I would easily give Stella lights a 10#####. I will never buy any other light again. I love to brag about my Stella’s. Simply the best!!

  7. Harriett Lawrence (verified owner)

    I have the Stella Two Task Lamp and I love. it. It was recommended by a low vision specialist as her favorite lamp to recommend to her patients. I have macular degeneration and find I need more light to do most of the activities that I enjoy doing and so far this has helped me do many things that I was not able to do after my eyes changed with the disease. I liked it so much that I just purchased the Stella Two floor lamp so I can do activities sitting in my easy chair. I now can sit at my desk or easy chair and be able to do so many things that I thought that I would never be able to do again. Thank you Stella lighting for producing lamps that are very helpful to people like myself that have macular degeneration. You have given me the ability to again do knitting, painting, handwork and so many other things I enjoy doing.

  8. Ellen Starr (verified owner)

    My eyesight dwindled after a detached retina. To do close work like embroidery or handwork on clothing, I needed a strong lamp. The Stella Two is very helpful. The different light functions is wonderful. I gave my first Stella lamp to my daughter for her fine painting projects. The light has made my stitching activities much, much better. Thank you.

  9. Patty Gaffney (verified owner)

    This Stella lamp is genius! The different settings allow me to both paint at night as though it were under a natural light as well as knit with black yarn in the evening. I now have more creative time!

  10. AB (verified owner)

    I have 3 Stella Task Lamps; two are clamp on, one is a base. They are marvelous! I quilt, needle point, and read. I have eyesight only in my left eye; so depth perception is a huge problem. These lamps help so very much!

  11. Judee Lefler (verified owner)

    I love my Stella Lamp. It sits right next to my sewing machine, as it aids me everytime I sew. It is the only thing that keeps me going on cold, gray, winter days.

  12. Francesca Reitano

    I got my Stella 2 task lamp after using and loving my Stella Edge clamp light. I love the fact that I can set up this task lamp wherever I need it. The lighting quality makes crafting and working a joy. The older I get, the more vision is important to me for reading and working.

  13. Linda Suter (verified owner)

    We have 3 Stella 2 lamps. One for me and one for my husband for reading and one for my quilting cutting table. We love them. We have other lights (that we bought before finding the Stella lamps) – but the Stella lamps are by far way better in amount of light produced and type of light produced. We love them.

  14. Rinda Just (verified owner)

    A Stella task lamp recently joined her two sister Edge lights. She helps me read recipes , write notes, and write checks, things my macular degeneration made difficult. Thanks, Stella!

  15. Crystal

    I LOVE the Stella Two task lamp. It’s a game changer in my beading workspace! I can now bead/make/create in the dark evenings with ease and be able to see what I’m doing like it was mid-day. I really like the sleek design, its a quick swipe with a cloth for dusting. The controls are easy to use and to be able to change light settings for dimmer/brighter or the color of light is incredibly helpful. I wish I still was a cross stitcher, this would’ve been the best lamp for my past needle arts!
    Customer service went above and beyond my expectations with quick delivery and a call to inform me of a change in my order due to an out of stock issue. Very pleased with my Stella purchase, thank you!

  16. Ava Edgar

    I purchased one of your first task lamps at a quilt show many years ago. I LOVE my Stella. And your customer service
    rocks!! I just purchased a floor lamp and am so happy with the 5 light levels, adjustable height
    and the light it puts out is perfect. the task light really helps with my quilting at night which is when I usually
    get a chance to sew. Thanks for creating such an awesome product!!

  17. Marilyn Bartuch

    The Stella Two is a blessing for those of us with WET AMD and want to continue Our love of reading and crafts. This is my third Stella product and is really brighter and easy to use with the raised buttons to adjust the lighting colors and brightness. So my first Task light is now sitting by my husbands chair and he’s enjoying reading again himself. I have the Stella Two on my right and the Stella Sky on my left and I read and knit to my heart’s content. Then I had another need…cooking, slicing and dicing and mixing. We had added drop down lighting over the kitchen counter, but it wasn’t enough, this is where Stella came to my rescue again with the “EDGE”! The Edge connects to the end of my counter so I can continue to cut, mix and prepare our favorite dishes. Stella has met all my lightning needs and with the Edge, I can fold it into my knitting bag and live my retirement years as I had dream of. Thank You Stella for being so innovative to meet the needs of Our aging population. Bless You!!!

  18. Penny Arsenault (verified owner)

    I love my Stella Two! I am a quilter who does both machine and hand sewing as well as other forms of needlework. My Stella Two is one of the best investments in my hobbies that I have made. It sits front and center on my cutting table so it can be moved around to accommodate whatever task is at hand. A great purchase!

  19. Eileen Mulligan

    I recently purchased the Stella 2 desk top lamp for my mom .We are thrilled with the product . My mom is 87 yrs old, an avid reader, with wet macular degeneration. The lamp has made a great difference in her ability to read without straining or using a magnifying glass. Great purchase ! Highly recommend. Will be ordering a floor lamp in the near future. Customer service has been great. Nathan assisted with my order , Alyssa assisted with tracking, both were very knowledgeable, pleasant and efficient .

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Product Details

Product Weight4 lbs 0oz
Product Dimensions (Folded)11.5" x 7.5" x 11.5"
Product Dimensions (Max)22.5" x 7.5" x 7.5"
Package Weight4 lbs 3 oz
Package Dimensions15" 9" 8"
Power Input110V-240V 50/60Hz
Nominal Wattage10W
Max Wattage14W
Warm White2800K
Natural White4000K
Cool White5500K