The Original Stella LED Task Lamp

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Our original craft and hobby lamp.


Product Description

The original Stella Task lamp allows the user the ability to move the light around the work surface as desired. The weighted base keeps the lamp steady while the flex arm allows for the light to be rotated in practically any direction. Controls are located on the base and can be adjusted with a light touch of the finger. Features include 5-stage dimming, Tri-Spectrum Technology, and LEDs rated to last 50,000+ hrs at full power before any diminishing in light quality occurs. That means no bulbs to replace!

57 reviews for The Original Stella LED Task Lamp

  1. J. Johnson (verified owner)

    I recently purchased a Stella for my father and he loves the light! Best task light for reading that I have found.

    J. Johnson

  2. Julanne

    “My Stella Lights are sturdy and give the best possible light. I used to take my task lamp from room to room as needed. Now I have one in every room….”

  3. Jerry Dalke

    I purchased a Stella Task lamp for my reading area. I can’t imagine reading without it. We have since obtained two Stella Sky lamps for our bedside reading. These lights are amazing!

  4. Marsha

    After purchasing a Stella floor lamp and loving it, I purchased the Task light so I had excellent light no matter which armchair I sat in. It’s a great lamp for reading and for handicrafts.

  5. Chris Vuco (verified owner)

    My husband likes to do watercolor painting and I purchased 2 Stella task lights. They replaced some lights he already had and he thinks they are wonderful. I also purchased one for my self to have on the table by my side when knitting. Having the ability to adjust the light intensity and color is fantastic.

  6. Barbara Dean (verified owner)

    I now have a Task lamp for the table and a floor lamp for the sewing room. I am a quilter and need very good light and the colors in fabric are bright and clear. Also, I don’t burn the back of my hand when I get too close. When my bee comes, I could use a few more to share with my friends.

  7. Sheryl M (verified owner)

    Two years ago we purchased 2 Stella Task lamps, one for myself and one for my mother-in-law. We both fell in love! We are both knitters/hand crafters and the light control with Stella is superb. We can change it based on ambient lighting or because we need that extra kick to see close up. I have been so impressed that I have subsequently purchased an Edge light for my cutting table and a Sky floor lamp that sits next to my sewing machine that I can move into place wherever I need it. I can’t say enough good things about the quality of Stella lighting! No regrets and am seriously contemplating purchasing another Task lamp for my husband’s office.

  8. Dawn D

    I purchased a Stella task lamp for my sewing room. It is exactly what I needed to see what’s under the needle. When I need more light, I move it to the office. And it is great for jigsaw puzzles. So I bought one for my son-in-law who is an artist. And for my mother who uses it for puzzles and sewing. The Stella lamp is the best task lamp ever. So versatile and it’s sleek design looks great anywhere.

  9. Janice McFarland (verified owner)

    I asked for a Stella task lamp for Christmas last year and it is the best for hand sewing especially at night, even when using black thread on black fabric!
    My neighbor saw it and I purchased one for him as he creates small model airplanes and said it was the best light he has used. He has asked for another one for reading at night! It is the best light available for hand work!

  10. Katie Roberts (verified owner)

    This is an excellent lamp. I bought it originally for knitting, but moved it to my desk and now need another one. My daughter, a musician, saw my Stella lamp and bought one to help her make oboe reeds. I need more!

  11. Cheryl D

    I’ve bought 5 of these lights. Two for me (one for quilting and one for reading), one for my mom for quilting, one for my dad for reading and one for my son. these are just awesome lights. As soon as my sister starts quilting I’ll get her one also!

  12. Gail Rossi (verified owner)

    Since a child I have made things with my hands, painted, knit, etc which continues till now (in my 60’s) and the Stella light enables my now less than perfect eyesight to continue many projects, including reading. Great light and easy to bring from room to room when needed. I also have the tall floor version which stands behind a sofa. All very much appreciated.

  13. Margaret Payne

    I love the light that this Stella puts out. The head of the lamp is adjustable so you can angle it to fit your project. My only issue with the light is that the controls are on the lamp base so you have to look to make sure you are touching in the right place. They are not buttons that can be felt but icons on the base. I use mine at the bedside and will sometimes turn it on when reaching for something on my night stand at night.

  14. Carolyn Marshall

    Great lamps. Easy on the eyes. Great for close up work. Beading lace work patterns

  15. Barbara C. (verified owner)

    Best lamps on the market. I use my Task Lamp at my sewing table. I’m buying a second one so I don’t have to move it. I find it has enough light for stitching on 32 ct. linen that I could not do without this lamp.

  16. Rhonda Schultz

    I recently purchased two Stella’s desk lamps for my sewing room. The head of the lamps are adjustable so that I can angle it to fit my cutting station and sewing station. They are great lamps for close up work and easy on the eyes. Love them!

  17. Karen G.

    Best table lamp for crafts and tasks ever. Love the differing hues and brightness selections, the swing arm, moldable angle provides much versatality. I also use it for pet grooming. It’s simple clean lines make it attractive anywhere and blend with other furnishings.

  18. Peggy Riha (verified owner)

    I love my Stella floor lamp for embroidery, needlepoint, and cross stitch. I’ve purchased many other lights thru the years but absolutely love my Stella. Will never buy another type. I’m a Stella customer for lufe

  19. Ruth

    The Task Lamp was the 2nd Stella that I got – the Stella Sky (floor lamp) was the 1st. The Task lamp is lightweight enough to haul around with me – I am a needleworker/stitcher and often stitch at places other than home. Recently, at a seminar, the teacher was impressed at how big the area of light was compared to other portable lamps. The 5 levels of brightness are wonderful and the full spectrum has often prevented a bad choice of color of thread. I love this lamp!

  20. Allen and Arlen Bird

    I bought the task lamp at a quilt show and could hardly wait for it to arrive. When I turned it on the first time, my radio and television lost reception. When I called Stella I was told that I should send it back as there was nothing they could do to help me. It’s not often that you can buy a product that has a known problem and never get to use it., and then pay for shipping it back to get a refund. Wow1, did I loose money on that purchase.

  21. CHERYL


  22. Jerona I. Williams (verified owner)

    As of today’s date, I have purchased at least 10 original Stella LED task lights. I have given them as gifts to friends and I personally own four that I use often. They currently are located, by my recliner (handwork), over my sewing machine, on my cutting table and one stays in a box for travel :)! “I love them”!

  23. Marilyn Bullard (verified owner)

    I purchased my Stella at the Houston Quilt Show. It was great to talk to people who knew a lot about the lamp I was interested in buying. I brought my original Stella home and have used it almost daily. I am a quilter and this lamp helps a lot when I sew at night.

  24. Harriet Alonso (verified owner)

    I bought my Stella floor lamp for my embroidery/reading corner and it has been absolutely wonderful. I love the warm light for reading. I have it on full at night and dimmed lower during the day. The bright light is a god-send for my stitching. For years, I could not enjoy my embroidery because my aging eyes could not adjust to the Walmart floor lamp I had. Now I can enjoy myself because every stitch is absolutely clear. Next up, I’m going to buy myself a task lamp for my desk.

  25. Lisa

    Love this lamp

  26. Patrice Breeland (verified owner)

    I purchased my first Stella at a quilt show in Chicago. I am a quilter, and the light is perfect by my sewing machine and also when I sew on binding. My husband was impressed with Stella, so I bought one for the desk in his office. A friend of mine was also impressed with Stella and bought one for herself. How did we ever manage without Stella?

  27. Chrisstine Hampton (verified owner)

    I have had my lamp for several years. Only had it not work once. Sent it back and quickly returned to me at no cost. I love this lamp.

  28. Anne (verified owner)

    I purchased my Stella Task Lamp especially for needlework. I do smocking, embroidery, cross stitch and needlepoint frequently, and this is the best lighting by far that I have ever used. Stella’s multi settings of light are perfect for tired eyes, and there are never any shadows on your work. I wouldn’t have any other lamp.

  29. Michael Boren (verified owner)

    I own one of each style of Stella lamps. They provide the best lighting for close craft work of all kinds. The multiple light settings and the flexible head are excellent. I cannot recommend these lamps more highly.

  30. Jackie (verified owner)

    I have owned the Stella desk lamp for a bout a year now. I love my light and will be ordering another one.

  31. Peggy Blakeney (verified owner)

    The Stella Task light is worth every penny I paid for it! I purchased the Stella Task light for close-up hand work, specifically knitting; and have not been disappointed one minute, let’s make that one second, with this light and it’s performance. The illumination is fantastic with several brightness options at the touch of your finger. And, after hours of use, it doesn’t heat up and get hot! But . . . Warning, the Stella light is expensive, so save your pennies (dollars) because it is so worth it!

  32. Jan Armentrout

    I purchased this task lamp to enable me to work at my desk in the early morning hours…it performs better than I could have expected, worth every penny! I’d like to add that customer service at this firm deserves a five star rating. I had to have a minor repair done on my lamp and this firm couldn’t have been more helpful, speedy, and kind. Overall I would encourage anyone seeking a quality lighting product produced by a stellar company to order without hesitation!

  33. Kim Rudd

    I’ve had my Stella lamps for a couple of years now and I can’t imagine working without them. I have an Edge Stella lamp clamped next to my sewing machine and the table lamp on my design table. Stella lamps are far superior lamps than Ott or Daylite lamps. I love my Stella lamps.

  34. Mara Marsico (verified owner)

    I love the Stella Task light. It is awesome. I use it every day for different things, knitting, reading, filing my nails. I can see much better with the kind of light it puts out. There are different settings, you can choose the amount of light you need. Thank you for making a great product.

  35. Isabel Moore

    I am very happy with my Stella Task light! It offers the best lightning for reading, knitting and quilting. Best investment for my eyesight, too. I love it’s sleek look and easy to adjust touch controls.

  36. Jenny Chiovaro (verified owner)

    This is the best task lamp on the market. I regularly use it for close needlework and applique, and nothing out there even comes close for clarity of vision. Lots of light with no glare or “hot spots.”

  37. Jenny Chiovaro (verified owner)

    This is the best task lamp on the market. I regularly use it for close needlework and applique, and nothing out there even comes close for clarity of vision. Lots of light with no glare or “hot spots.” (Note: this is a copy of the one I submitted 10/21/16)

  38. Carla Haack

    Love it Love it Love it! I just wish it had magnification for stitching on 36 count over one.

  39. Jean Manna (verified owner)

    I have the Stella desk lamp. Absolutely love it. I do a lot of hand embroidery. This is the brightest light I have ever purchased. Also, Stella Customer Service is excellent. They immediately take care of any problem you may have.

  40. Sarah Gilson

    I would like to comment on your web site. I am not yet legally blind but do have reduced vision. It is impossible for me to read the print on your web site. The contrast is minimal, the categories to find information are not easily visible and also the reviews. It is a joke to be selling products that we are unable to learn about to people already challenged with their sight..

    • Spencer Penton

      Hi thank you for your comments and observations. We completely agree with you that individuals with low vision require a very contrasting and clear experience when web browsing. To that end, we have created a completely separate website at for exact this purpose. It has text size and contrast controls, as well as a very simple scrolling single page design. Please visit it and let us know your feedback.

      Thank you so much,
      Stella Lighting, Inc

  41. Nichole Paasch (verified owner)

    I love my stella task lamp! I use it for knitting while I am on the couch and my boyfriend is watching TV, works great for both of us 😉 I love the different light levels as well as being able to move it in a directions that work best for the position you are sitting in.

  42. Lana J Metheny

    I have 4 Stellas in different styles. One I keep by my bed for reading, whether bright or dim according to the way my eyes are feeling late at night. The other 3 are by 3 of my sewing or embroidery machines. They offer a variety of light ranges depeneding on whether I’m color matching fabric to thread, or adjusting the light around my sewing area depending on natural room light. I’m able to adjust these lights to my needs anytime of day or night depending on what I’m doing. AND, they don’t emit heat. That’s great, as no one likes to be hot from the lights they need to use all the time.

  43. Carol Santos (verified owner)

    I love my Stella task lamp. I use it in the living room to read or do embroidery. I’ve tried many lamps but this is the best. It’s bright for me but doesn’t blind my husband who is watching TV. It has different levels of brightness which is great for different uses. Love my Stella!

  44. Wendy Hansen (verified owner)

    There is just not enough good that I can say about this light. I use it for sewing and crafting. I have also recommended the light to family and friends who I know struggle with lighting as I do.

  45. Jayne Smith

    Best light purchase I’ve ever made. Easy to take along and pack for seminars. Love the all it’s features!

  46. Jean Manna (verified owner)

    I purchased this lamp based on a review on an embroidery website. I, too, do lots of hand embroidery. The lamp I previously used before the Stella was just so so. The review stated that the Stella provided lots of light. I was not disappointed. I love my Stella lamp and recommend it every chance I get.

  47. Lysbeth Leitner

    What is not to like about a Stella light? I use mine for hand sewing. My friend uses hers for crossstitch. We bought one for my son who paints Warhammer figures which requires painting VERY tiny spaces. Our puppy ate the cord to my lamp. I ordered a new one and it was delivered very quickly. Stella Lighting has also sponsored our Project Linus chapter. Thank you!

  48. Betty Fockler (verified owner)

    The Task Lamp was my first Stella. I love the ease of use; just tap and it responds immediately. Modify the type of light with another tap. The beam isn’t quite right, easily move it. It’s pretty and fits in any decor. I liked it so much – I then purchased the floor model and love it as much!

  49. Maryella Rawnsley (verified owner)

    My STELLA is used mainly for quilting at my machine. No other lamp compares to my STELLA! It is very portable and goes with me to retreats or just to my living room when I do hand work as well. Thank you folks for this wonderful light for my old eyes.

  50. Christina Hayden

    I use my Stella everyday. It’s great for all kinds of things. I mainly use it for handwork as I do a lot of embroidery. Portable and light and helps me get my stitches just right! I also really like the fact that you can adjust the degree of brightness of the light as needed. Worth the money!

  51. Christina Hayden

    I love my Stella. I use it everyday as I do a lot of handwork, mainly embroidery. It helps me get my stitches just right. I really like the fact that the brightness of the light can be adjusted to fit your needs. I have 2 Stellas. One by my sewing machine and one by my living room chair. Well worth the money!

  52. Marianne Raniol (verified owner)

    I have the original desk top version. I originally bought it for knitting and it is fabulous. Provides bright focused light and so so so much better than the Ott light. I loved it so much I bought one for my one sister, Eugenia, who is also a knitter and for my other sister, Francine, who likes to make jewelry with beads and chains. They both love it as much as I do. I would love to try the new Stella 2 also. I also use it at my kitchen table when I am working on my computer. It is the BEST!!!!!

  53. Terri Hauge (verified owner)

    I love this lamp! I bought it to do cross-stitching, embroidery and Hardanger. It definitely is better than the other two lights I have. So much easier on my eyes. I would love to try the Stella 2. This lamp is the best task light I have encountered.

  54. Terri Hauge (verified owner)

    I love my Stella! The light is amazing – it is easier on my eyes and gives me the light I need to do my stitching projects. I have several other task lights and wouldn’t choose any other over my Stella. Wonderful!

  55. Jane Thomas

    I treated myself to the Stella original desk lamp. I love it. I use it with my sewing. You don’t know how bad your current light situation is until you get a Stella. It is so bright. I love that you can change the brightness and other hues too.
    Best investment I’ve made for my workspace.

  56. Marilyn Bartuch (verified owner)

    I have been knitting for the last 10+ years and enjoying doing so while watching TV with my Husband but needed a light that allowed me to read directions without interfering to others in the room. My knitting partners told me to try Stella lighting; with LED lights staying cool and then the multiple levels and colors of lighting enabled me to view my directions and yarns in the light I needed. But this was only the beginning of my Love of Stella, My needs changed and Stella has met those needs triumphantly.

  57. Jean Ann Givens (verified owner)

    Wonderful lamps that are great for any and all tasks–sewing, reading, crafts. I have three in my sewing room, and I’m about to buy a third for my reading chair. Nice design that blends well with any setting, too.

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Package Weight4 lbs 3 oz
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Max Wattage14W
Warm White2800 K
Natural White4000K
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