Stella EDGE LED Clamp Light

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Extremely versatile clamp light.


Product Description

The Stella Edge is designed for maximum durability and traveling capabilities. The Edge’s patented design has a clamping mechanism which allows it to attach to any surface between .5″ and 2.5″ thick. The Tri-Spectrum Technology which allows users to easily change their light from a warm spectrum similar to incandescent lights, to a natural white similar to sunlight, to a cool white similar to moonlight.  The 5-level dimming allows varying light intensities down to 10% of the maximum output.  The segmented steel in the neck allows the perfect combination of stability and flexibility so the head can be easily maneuvered and held in almost any position. The LED technology allows for a brilliant bright light using an average 10 watts of power, producing little to no heat, and lasting well over 50,000 hours with no bulbs to replace. The Stella EDGE is controlled with a wireless remote that magnetically attaches to the base when not in use.

26 reviews for Stella EDGE LED Clamp Light

  1. Mike.H

    I use this light for fly tying. The light is bright, and really helps me see the detail of the fibers I use. I wish the neck was a little longer, and that’s why I only give it 4 stars, however, the quality of the light is really good, the product is durable and fastens to my table really well.

  2. Marilyn M. (verified owner)

    This is my favorite Stella lamp. I use it daily for knitting, drawing, reading… any task that requires bright light. I have it attached to the flat wood arm of my chair and I love that I can easily swing it out of the way and/or adjust it to a different position. I love the sleek inconspicuous profile. Everything about it is quality. Several of my friends have ordered their own Stella after seeing mine.

  3. Lyn Doring

    I’m a quilter and use this lamp for all my quilting and needlework. I love the different modes as well as being able to adjust the intensity. The colors of my fabrics and threads are true. I highly recommend for any quilter.

  4. Cagenuts

    I originally ordered the desktop version for my wife and then I noticed this one and thought it would be very useful in my workshop. I wanted the black one but this was on special and beggars can’t be choosers.

    Good points;
    1. Smaller packaging than I was expecting and the light is literally quite light.

    2. Absolutely incredible range of tint and brightness. I need a warmer tint to edit photographs as the monitor calibration device finds a fluorescent light too cool. During the day I find the cool tint (5500k) to be perfect whilst at night the warm tint (2800k) is easier on the eyes. This is in complete contradiction to what the Stella Lighting website indicates. YMMV.

    3. The electrical cord is of a decent length, about 3m so you don’t need to hug the wall.

    4. The neck is pretty flexible allowing me to get it quite low on my bench to get that raking light to see planing marks or sanding inconsistencies.

    Points to be aware of;
    1. The AC transformer whilst it supports the 110v-240v range, doesn’t come with any adapter to accommodate international wall plugs. You will need to make a plan.

    2. The remote takes CR2025 batteries which lose charge over time and are not that easily sourced. I would have preferred to see a larger remote that takes standard rechargeable AAA or AA batteries.

    3. The remote is magnetized and clips onto the back of the light. This is somewhat inconvenient if the light is attached to a desk as you will need to lean over to get it and then run the risk of dropping and breaking it.

    4. There is no alternative option to power on the light and change modes or brightness. If you lose or break the remote then you’ll be in the dark. I guess one of those TV learning remotes may work or even some smartphone app.

    Overall, I’m very impressed.

  5. Cheryl Berg

    Love my Stella lamps! Started out with a table task light to aid in my knitting and needlepoint artistry, and found the spectrum of colors especially helpful to see color shading nuances. Ordered a second light, the clamp LED, and moved the table task light downstairs to my yarn room to help in selecting colors for new projects, and continue to use the table clamp next to the chair I sit in to knit and needlepoint. I had one project in particular, a knitted jacket in a charcoal gray, which was difficult to work on in the evenings however the Stella’s different spectrums made all the difference in the world.
    Cord is fine on both and have no issues with the remote on the clamp light.

  6. Sandra L Gerritz (verified owner)

    I use the edge light on on my quilting table. Until I got that light I couldn’t see well enough at night to work on my quilts. I love how I can clamp it on the edge of my table and it is easy to move if I need to use it closer to my machine. I have tried just about every brand of light there is and my Stella is my favorite. I have two of them now and looking to get another one. Best light on the market in my opinion.

  7. Rene Stratton (verified owner)

    I bought 2 Stella lamps for my drawing table. The quantity, quality and color of the light is perfect for drawing and as an added bonus I can operate both lamps with one remote. The only modification I would make is a longer arm. Otherwise – perfect!

  8. Linda Blanks

    Purchased the Edge at the Houston quilt show in 2013. It is attached to a granite counter beside my StressLess chair. It is great light for quilting, sewing, and reading. Highly recommend the Stella Light!

  9. Tara

    I love my Stella! I use it for crafting, home projects and even for manicures. It’s such an all purpose, quality task lamp. Even my husband grabs the Stella when he need excellent lighting for his projects around the house. I would absolutely recommend this lamp to anyone.

  10. Sara Byron

    I use my Stella lamp next to my bed for reading. The adjustable neck allows me to direct the light toward my book, without disturbing my husband, who does not read in bed. The remote control allows me to adjust the light and turn it on and off without getting out of bed. This is a big plus for me, as I am very lazy once I get sleepy! The light comes with a travel box so that I can take the light with me when I travel to knitting retreats and venues without good lighting. I love this lamp!

  11. Karen Shimamoto

    I have both the white and the black Stella clamp lights, one by my sewing machine, and the other by my computer. I love them both and find them to be versatile and bright. I bought my first black one at the Portland quilt show directly from Stella, and my white one online. Great for sewing, quilting, and office work. I like the variation in lighting depending on the situation.

  12. Janet

    Love this light clamped to my sewing machine cabinet. I can adjusted it to different angles for the best light. It is great for showing true colors. The remote is very handy.

  13. Sheryl Chinn

    Stella Edge LED Clamp light – I originally purchased this lamp to use for handwork in my sewing chair. I noticed how wide the area of lighting was that I changed it to be use for an overhead lighting for my cutting table. I clamped onto a shelf above my cutting table – and the brightness of the lamp lights up my entire table. Great lighting for the challenged “Mature Eyes” that I have now.

  14. Tom Smith

    The Stella Edge lamp is my favorite LED task lamp of all time. It has the features I require: Brightness adjustment, color adjustment, and position adjustment. This lamp is the result of sound engineering. The remote control accessory is a bonus that makes electronic adjustments easy.

  15. Kathy Edwards

    I reluctantly purchased this lamp after having all of the “other” task lighting lamps. I don’t know why I waited so long. I clamped this lamp onto the front of my sewing machine console and now I can see every stitch more clearly and am able to make a perfect 1/4″. It’s amazing the difference the light has made, making sewing machine sewing a happier experience.

  16. Bobbi

    This is the best light I have ever had. I love how bright it is, and the options to choose between warm, cool, and full spectrum. The clamp is large enough to attach to the large plastic utility shelving unit that I use to store my fabric.

    For me, the only drawback is the remote. It attaches magnetically to the clamp portion of the light. The magnet isn’t nearly strong enough, so the remote is always getting lost when it is bumped. I would like it if there was an option to power the lamp directly instead of having to use the remote, though a stronger magnet would solve most of the problem.

  17. Angela B.

    I have both the Stella Edge and the Stella task lamps. The Edge works perfectly clamped to the arm of my favorite stitching chairs and the task lamp works well in classes when I use a table frame. I love the adjustability of both brightness and color allowing for stitching on a wide range of linen and canvas counts with minimal eye strain. I have tried a multitude of lamps for stitching but the Edge is by far the best lamp I have owned.

  18. Winnie

    I am a quilter/crafter/stitcher and this is the best light I’ve ever purchased! The level of light coverage is awesome. I don’t have to follow a tiny beam of light to illuminate my stitching project. I can turn on Stella and her light floods my work area. Stella’s light isn’t harsh or glaring. I also love the ability to change the light mode to match my project.

  19. Marlene Rausch

    I will never again buy another light for my quilting studio but Stella; it is simply the best light for quilting/sewing I have had the pleasure of using. I am hoping for a smaller version I can take to classes. I agree the placement of the remote is problematic but I solved that by removing it when sewing and placing it in my cabinet drawer and afterwards reattaching when I am done sewing. Hey, you cannot have everything. I LOVE Stella, She’s my girl forever!

  20. Linda Smith (verified owner)

    I purchased this light for my quilting room, and I am hooked! I am about to order another for my office. It allows me to sew at night, and even dark fabrics, which were difficult to work with before, are now clearly visualized. The price will be prohibitive for some, but given the greatly improved vision, it is worth every penny! On a scale of 1-5, it’s easily a 10!

  21. Donna Mae Presley (verified owner)

    I have now had my lamp for 2 years and its going strong. I do wood working and embroidery and use it for both. It’s the best lamp I have ever owned.

  22. Francesca Reitano

    I have another task lamp which I will not bother to speak badly of, but I stopped using it when I got the Stella. The Stella is the one I use daily. It clamps right on the arm of our sofa and I use it to knit and read. The light is just right, also the fact that it can be brought down as close to my work as I want. I don’t know how I knitted black and dark colored yarns without it!

  23. Rinda Just (verified owner)

    I own two Stella Edge lamps (and a task lamp). I have macular degeneration, and without my Stella I would not be able to follow my passions—needlepoint and reading actual books. I had high quality lighting before my Stellas, but but they all paled in comparison

  24. Kerry Ryan

    I’ve had my Stella for approximately two years now. I do a lot of hand stitching (quilting, sewing and embroidery). Ever since the “old” eyes have kicked in, some days I just can’t get enough light. This lamp has taken care of all that. I clamp it onto any table where I’m working. The flexible arm moves anywhere I need. I use all the different light modes and brightness levels depending on what project I am working. The only way to operate this light is with a remote, which I wouldn’t necessarily consider a con, but….I have almost thrown it away a couple times. So, I no longer store it on the lamp magnet. Bottom line…..I have many other task lamps and this is always the one I grab. Wouldn’t be able to do what I do without it.

  25. Peg Neufeglise

    I am a professional seamstress and do needlepoint in my spare time. I love this light!! I contacted customer service for repair of my lamp. I spoke to Charla Martin. She was excellent in every way. Her knowledge and troubleshooting was spot on. I had to return my light for further diagnostics and had it repaired and shipped back to me in a week. Great product, great advisor, great service. Well done!!

  26. Peg Neufeglise

    I’ve had my Stella lamp for several years. Just recently the i’ve had issues with the remote. I spoke to Charla Martin in Customer Service and after a few brief questions the problem was identified and I sent back for further diagnostics. It was repaired and returned within a week. Charla kept me informed and there were no surprises. This is top quality lamp, with great customer service. Well DONE!!

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Product Details

Product Weight1 lb 14 oz
Product Dimensions (Folded)14.5" x 9" x 2.5"
Product Dimensions (Max)30.5" x 2.75" x 2.5"
Package Weight2 lbs 14 oz
Package Dimensions16" x 8" x 3"
Power Input110V - 240V 50/60Hz
Nominal Wattage10W
Max Wattage14W
Warm White2800K
Natural White4000K
Cool White5500K