“A collaboration to bring a lot of light and a little more love into your creative space.”

How it Began

Stella products have always had a simple, clean, and modern look. Historically, Stella products had only been offered in black and white.  Inspired to create a Stella with a little more artistry, we began to explore and evaluate different artists and expressions.

After only a few short days we had the pleasure of speaking with Mary Engelbreit and her creative team. Stella Lighting’s president, Nathan Wiedenmann, began to tell our story and explain how we might be able  to collaborate. About two minutes in, Mary interrupted to say “Nathan, you don’t need to sell us on this. We’re in!” Taken back by her enthusiasm, we quickly got to work on the process of creating these beautiful lamps.

Mary and her team have been an absolute joy to work with; a true testament to the company and brand she has built over the years.  We consider it a once in a lifetime opportunity to collaborate and fuse her timeless art with the Stella Light.  Together the creative teams developed the Stella and ME by Mary Englebreit.  Offered in both black and white, each unit is a one of a kind; hand built in Stella’s facility in Coburg, OR.


A little more aboutStellaandME


Nearly 35 years ago, Mary Engelbreit launched her own company with a strong desire for creative freedom and a line of 12 greeting cards. Today, Mary is the head of a highly successful business bearing her name, and is considered one of the country’s premier designers and artists. Her signature artwork appears on thousands of products, including greeting cards, books (design, gift, children’s, cooking, home and art), calendars, stationery, fabric, crafts, kitchen accessories, dinnerware and other home décor items. Her style, modestly referred to as “eclectic traditional,” is more widely recognized than that of any other contemporary illustrator. Mary’s inspirational, whimsical and down-to-earth collections have changed the lives of countless fans the world over. As the author of 15 design books and past Editor-in-Chief of the successful, Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion magazine, Mary’s point of view and style infuse her home, studio and ongoing design sensibilities with the same charm and uniqueness that have made all of her products so popular.

As a licensor, Mary has grown her business to include over 6,500 products, with more than $1 billion in lifetime retail sales. These products produce over 200 million brand impressions annually, and Mary’s opt-in online fan base is near 100,000…and growing! The real Mary Engelbreit is much like her work—spirited, playful, witty, optimistic and more than a tad irreverent. She draws on her personal experiences as wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and female entrepreneur and business person to capture those magic moments of daily life in her art. Mary was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, where she currently lives with her family and pets. Learn more about Mary at maryengelbreit.com.

Key Features

LED Technology

Our LEDs produce little to no heat, use only a fraction of the power of conventional light sources, and are rated to last 50,000 hours! This means that once a customer has our light in their workspace, they can depend on it for years to come, without ever having to change a bulb.

Tri-Spectrum Technology

Tri-Spectrum Technology allows the user to choose between cool, pure white and warm lighting. Different light during different tasks, or even time of day, can have a large impact. Stella gives you the chance to choose and create the optimal lighting solution.

Flexible Arm

Stella’s Flex-Arm utilizes an electroplated steel segmented neck. This ensures maximum flexibility along with a strong hold in practically any. Get the light you need, exactly where you need it.

5-Level Dimming

5-Level Dimming is available within each color spectrum mode. Users can dim any mode of light 5 levels, down to 10% of the maximum light output.

Touch Integration

Touch Integration controls the original task lamp. A light touch of a finger on the base of the lamp and you can control the light spectrum settings and dimming functions.

Handy Carrying Case

Stella’s Box acts like a carrying case! After you have unpacked your light, be sure to keep the box as it makes the perfect travel case.