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Should a table lamp and a floor lamp match?

Should a table lamp and a floor lamp match

Lighting plays a pivotal role in setting the ambiance and functionality of any space, yet many times people question: Should a table lamp and a floor lamp match? At Stella Lighting, our philosophy is that there’s no singular answer! Both matching and mismatched lamps offer their charm; which choice best satisfies aesthetic preferences depends on individual choice based on aesthetic and functionality criteria. 

Pros and Cons of Matching Lamps


  • Cohesive Look: Pairing lamps create a cohesive aesthetic when placed alongside one another on either side of a sofa, bed, or fireplace – perfect for formal settings that want a polished, put-together aesthetic.
  • Effortless Design: Lamps designed to match make the design simpler. When selecting complementary elements for the space you can rest easy knowing they complement one another – saving both time and indecision! 


  • Monotony: Matching lamps can sometimes feel predictable and lack visual interest.
  • Avoid Limitation in Design Exploration: Without mixing lamps you could miss the chance to present unique finds or express your style through contrasted elements. 

Benefits of Mixing Lamps


  • Visual Interest: Mismatched lamps add visual intrigue and depth to a space by playing with textures, colors, and shapes for an engaging atmosphere. 
  • Customizability: Mixing lamps allows you to incorporate special pieces or heirlooms that reflect your taste or story into a design scheme that best reflects it all.
  • Functional Variety: Different lamps provide distinct functionalities. A desk lamp from Stella Lighting such as Stella 2 provides focused task lighting while tall floor lamps create warm ambient glows in corners of rooms.


  • Finding Balance: Mismatched lamps require some careful thought so they won’t clash when combined – consider colors, materials, and scale to achieve an ideal look. 

Is it okay to have mismatched lamps?

Absolutely! Mismatched lamps can add character and depth to a space with just some careful consideration and planning. Here are a few strategies for successful mixing:

  • Maintain a Cohesive Theme: Even if the lamps themselves do not match, ensure they share an aesthetic theme such as color palette, material (metal, glass), or style (modern/traditional).
  • Play with Scale and Proportion: Strive to strike an equilibrium between height and size when choosing lamps; pair a tall floor lamp with shorter table lamps to achieve this look.
  • Echo Elements: Subtly unify lamps by repeating design elements such as lampshade material or using colors from across their bases to tie together similar design features – for instance reiterating one design element such as lampshade fabric or using complementary hues in base designs!

With these helpful suggestions in mind, you can embrace mismatched lamps without hesitation and create an environment that represents who you are as an individual.

Final Thoughts

Check out Stella Lighting’s fantastic selection of table, floor, and desk lamps designed to complement any decor! With styles to suit every aesthetic imaginable, our lamps help create harmonious environments no matter which style of set you select or embrace the magic of an eclectic mix! Shop lamps here!

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