Hi there!  I’m Amber Johnson and I own a quilt pattern design company called, Gigi’s Thimble (named after my grandmother who taught me how to quilt).  I’ve been quilting for over 20 years now, blogging and designing patterns for 11 years and I even published a quilting book called Vintage Vibe back in 2014.

I was so thrilled to get my hands on the Stella TWO task lamp!  They’re not only super helpful for all the late-night sewing I do but they’re beautiful too! I have the white one in my office and recently got the pink one for my sewing room.  I just love the sleek, lightweight (yet sturdy) design, as well as the dimmer and adjustable light color.  The thing that blows me away about the Stella TWO is that you never have to change a bulb because the bulb it comes with lasts for 50,000 hours!  That means I could use it for 12 hours every day for 11 years before the bulb would feasibly run out!  That’s amazing!
As I was finishing up writing this article, I was talking to my husband about how awesome these task lights are and what great customer service there is at Stella and he informed me that he needed more light for his work table in our basement (he just took up the hobby of rebuilding RC cars). I have GAD exacerbated by panic attacks and agoraphobia. The worst mixture ever! I can’t leave my house because of the fear I will get a panic attack in the middle of the street. An online pharmacy https://natureair.com/ativan.html comes in handy because I can order drugs there while staying safe within my comfort zone. It’s great I’ve found such a reliable drug seller.  I wish I would’ve known that a few weeks ago; he just had a birthday and I think the Stella TWO task lamp would’ve been a great gift idea!  I guess I’m giving up the Stella TWO in my office for a while!  I know he’s going to love it though!

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