Simple Stitches Fabric Shop, Guest Blog Post

The following is a guest blog post from Myra Roberts, one of the owners of the Simple Stitches Fabric Shop. Janette & Myra Run the shop together. To learn more about them, click here.

I have always been a creative person. My medium has always been changing. I wanted to be a high school art teacher and that’s what I was going to college for, but then life happened, I got married and children came along. So my drawing and art went on the back burner as I focused on raising small children. There is something to be said about creating. It mends my soul and allows me time to think and unwind. I have found that sewing is just that creative outlet for me. However, most of my time creating is at night…well into the night while catching up on shows and sewing till way too late. The only problem with that, is the lighting in my sewing room is terrible. One overhead light on my ceiling fan and you can imagine how that strains my eyes! I was so excited when Stella lighting reached out to me and wanted me to try out their Stella II light. It was PERFECT!

It was just what I needed too! I am right in the middle of designing a new quilt pattern and was just finishing up the final touches on my Summer Stars Quilt.

Hand binding in terrible lighting is not fun for anyone. So when the box showed up, I quickly pulled it out and tried it out. I was instantly impressed with how heavy it is! The weighted base doesn’t even move when I am sewing away at my machine. I was also impressed with the 10 different brightness settings. Sometimes we need just a little more light, so that option is fantastic!

I am so excited to be using my Stella TWO on my sewing table for years to come. It has great form and function, best of both worlds!

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