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I’m excited to be here today sharing my three favorite sewing tools with you. I’m definitely someone who loves tools and gadgets, so narrowing it down to just three has been difficult! But, when it comes to sewing and quilting, besides a machine, these are the things I love the most.

First, I love my Olfa ergonomic rotary cutter! If you are going to spend a lot of time cutting, this cutter will really save your wrist. Since I cut almost everything with my rotary cutter, even bags  I find that if cutting is comfortable, then I make fewer mistakes and get it done much more quickly.

Second, my Oliso Pro Iron is amazing for pressing fabrics before cutting, and pressing seams after sewing. It is so hot, doesn’t shut off for 30 minutes, and creates tons of steam. Whether you use steam or not (I know that’s a big debate), a hot, heavy iron is a must. I also feel that it saves my wrist not having to set the iron up and down so frequently when pressing smaller things. I feel that nice, crisp fabric and seams really helps with sewing accuracy and then I don’t have to take things out as often.

And finally, I love my Stella>>TWO light! This summer we moved from sunny New Mexico to Virginia, where our house just doesn’t have much light (and doesn’t have ceiling lights either). Add shorter days to the equation and the amount of time I could spend sewing was greatly reduced. Now, with the Stella on my cutting table, I can accurately see what I’m working on at any time of day and find that I turn it on to brighten things up even when it’s bright outside. And when I can see what I’m working on clearly I make fewer mistakes (are we seeing a trend here?)

All of these items are staples on my cutting table. I rarely make a project without them. What is it you cannot create without?

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  1. Such great info for an on-again, off-again crafter…. Perhaps these insights will keep me on-again crafting more often! Thank you! 🙂

    (I do love my Stella table light also and use it FREQUENTLY as it’s at my daily/living room chair side table for reading. My crafting room is downstairs…. hmmm, perhaps another is in order. 🙂

  2. Great post! I use an ergonomic rotary cutter, too, though it’s a different brand. Gotta take it easy on those arthritis spots! LOL Thanks for the recommendation of the iron – I’m currently researching to buy a new one….and yes, I ADORE my Stella lamp! So bright, makes it easy to see when I embroider or sew.

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