FVzBsuj73cGFu6GP9jBTJ7j_UhCqJAMMPFrNVfp67WMThe first Monday in September means the white clothes, belts and shoes are out and summer is over. But, here in Houston, TX the mercury in the thermometer is still high and the kids have already been back to school for more than a week. Labor Day has distinctly American Roots and it can be traced back to a labor union organized parade in New York City in 1882. I looked all these facts up because to most of us Labor Day is a day of BBQ, swimming and family/friends. It’s a day off of work and school. It’s the start of a new chapter in the year. It is the onset of fall and the changing of the seasons.

My 3 boys always looked forward to the Labor Day holiday because we always had a big Labor Day party and it was the start of what they loved. Organized sports teams started up their seasons again. We play organized sports here in Houston in the fall, spring and winter. In the summer, it’s too hot! By August, we are in the “Dog Days of Summer”. Now that my boys have moved on with their adult life, Labor Day seems to have much less impact on my husband and I. My hubby still has a day off but the boys aren’t usually with us for a party. We are not registering and looking forward to baseball or soccer season to begin. Usually, we get together with friends on Saturday or Sunday because we don’t want to be up too late on the holiday since there’s work the next day. How things have changed?

For me, Labor Day can be renamed “Labor of Love Day”. It seems like a free day – an extra day on the calendar. My day is typically spent on something I love – puttering around in my sewing room. I get lost in my projects and I clean up my room. Yes, this makes me the happiest quilter in the U.S. because I clean my sewing room every year on Labor Day. Here’s why.

I find more stuff that has been lost, misplaced, forgotten about and just neglected. I love to organize my books. I love to fold and color sort my fabric. I love to take apart my machine and clean out all the fuzz. I open up my cabinets and re-visit all the UFO’s. It’s a day to reacquaint myself with my stuff. Labor Day is like the turning of the seasons. Summer is over. Vacations are usually behind us. The weather will be breaking. It’s time to focus on something else – why not something we love?

It’s time to get back to our hobbies. Whether you sew, paper craft, knit or glue, we all have our spot. We all have our happy place where we go to hide or be lost in our art. There is still a major parade in New York City so Labor Day will still be celebrated. Celebrate “Labor of Love Day”. Lose yourself in your creativity. Enjoy your holiday! Happy first Monday in September – Happy Labor (of Love) Day!

– Mary Jean, Stella Lighting Educator


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