I have this friend named Judy H.  My friend Judy H. can make anything with a glue gun.  Years ago, I met Judy while working at the front desk of the YMCA.  Her and I became friends and little did we know our hubby’s worked a few offices from each other and already knew each other!  So, we would have dinner out after Friday night shifts – that morphed into a yearly trip to Las Vegas.  It’s fun to have friends that both husband and wife like the other husband and wife.

One evening Judy and I were talking and she learned that I didn’t own a glue gun.  I can remember her west Texas drawl saying “You don’t have a glue gun?”  The next occasion I received a glue gun from my friend.  I have to admit it’s a good tool to have in your “craft” room but you all know I am not a crafter.  But, I now have a glue gun that I use – not very often – I still have the original package of glue sticks she gave me.

Yesterday, I saw this cute pattern on the internet.  Click here for the pattern.  It was in a post called Crazy Little Projects.  I have 2 grand babies this year and I thought “What a cute way to make a photo ornament”.  I gave it a try and voila – again!  I surprised myself and did something crafty.  Check out Heather of Whipperberry’s blog.  She has some cute crafts and recipes that are very “do-able”.  In the mean time, follow along with me as I attempt to create the photo fan ornament and hope to make Judy proud of me for dragging out that lonely glue gun.

Here’s my supplies:


The envelope has a bunch of photos in it.  I printed off a few different photos so I would have some to choose from.  There are a few apps she suggests to make the “circle photos” but I thought I could just streamline it and print then off and cut them.  I was going out to get a Starbucks anyway so I sent them to the CVS next door.  Easy!

There’s that glue gun.  I didn’t show you the glue sticks because they are yellowed from non-use

12 X 12 glitter paper – I purchased this at the local craft store for just about $1 each.  It was in the scrapbooking section.

Scissors, hole punch and ribbon to make a hanger


The first thing I did was draw on the back of my glitter paper strips some guidelines.  I decided to use an exacto knife to score along these lines because this paper was quite heavy and the folds were just not crisp.  Just be very, very careful to just score it.  You don’t need to eat your Wheaties for this.


Here’s my nifty exacto knife I purchased at the container store.  It’s fancy but the blade is much smaller than the regular knifes.  It allows you to really get into those small corners.  Hence the name Precision Cutter.


Then, I carefully folded them along the score lines to make this accordion fold.   The directions had you cut 3 – 3″ X 12″ sections of the glitter paper but that was a huge ornament.  I just cut 2 – 3″ X 12″ strips, made them into my accordion folds and attached them together.  This rosette was plenty big enough.


Here’s where that glue gun came into play!  I made my circle with the paper and flattened it out.  In the center, I glue gunned a small piece of mat board to hold it flat.  I needed my Tervis cup full of water to weigh it down.  The luxury of a glue gun is the glue dries so fast.  Really fast!  You better be ready once you apply that glue.


I used the mat board as a little label.  Years from now I would be saying “What year to do you think this was?” and my daughter in-law would them say “I don’t know – you made the ornament”


I added the photo I circle cut.  I think there is a lot of ways to add a hanger but I choose to just hole punch it at the top and add a ribbon.

Does this project make me a crafter?  Yes, I used a glue gun.  Now, I am not making 2 dozen Easter Baskets out of milk cartons for an entire elementary school classroom like my friend, Judy.  But, I own a glue gun and most importantly, I used it!


P.S.  Don’t get this glue on your fingers!  Wow!  Does that burn!

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  1. I am so glad to see you still have your glue gun! It is an essential tool for everyone….. even those non crafters. I love the projects you posted too.

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