I love Wool Appliqué!  It’s easy – It’s quick and I love the look when it’s finished.  Whenever I need something on the run I usually go with an embroidery but a wool project is just as easy to transport.  Especially, if the pattern needs to be stitched with one color thread.   Wool Appliqué has a bit of prep work involved. But, after the prep, it’s just stitching.

Here’s what I am currently working on –


It’s called “Birds of a Feather” by Primitive Gatherings .  To me, Primitive Gathering is the Mecca of wool.  Lisa Bongean is so very talented!  She must design and create in her sleep!  I love looking at her wool under my Stella Task light.  The True-color mode really shows the hand dyed colors and variations in the wool!  It’s all so pretty.  Check out her online store – you will love it!

Here’s how I begin.


I’m still “old school” with my appliqué.  I know everyone uses a fusible web product to hold the pieces in place but I still go the freezer paper route.  I draw off the pattern on the dull side of the freezer paper – iron it on the wool and cut it out.  This way if I want to do the pattern again, I just re-use the freezer paper pieces I have already cut out.  They can be re-stuck down with the iron many, many times.


I copied off the pattern to a piece of card stock for the stem placement.  I cut away where the stem lines needed to be drawn in and I added them to the base wool with a blue frixion pen.  You can see the  blue line  under the bird.  These pens are erasable by heat.  When I block this project, it will disappear.


Here’s a trick I learned at the Houston Quilt Show a few years ago.  I saw someone staple down all the wool pieces to the background to hold them in place.  I tried it several years ago and I am hooked on this technique.  Especially since I don’t use fusible web.   I needed something stronger than a little spot of basting glue  to place and hold my wool pieces.  Wool is very forgiving.  I have never had any issues with holes.  I love good tips!

Now it’s time for stitching.  I have a fun project “to go”.  Check out the video below to see a twist on the traditional blanket stitch.  My version makes your stitches like “soldiers”.  I like my stitches at attention. You might like this alternative blanket stitch too.

Enjoy the video below!

Just for fun – Here’s a cute project that will only take an hour or two.  All the instructions are included to make this charming little candle accessory.  Share one with a friend!  Enjoy!

Click here for the instructions – Candle Mat SS


This cute little candle mat pattern is fun to do and uses up the small pieces of felt you have been saving for a rainy day.

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  1. I am just getting started with wool applique and I was wondering what type of wool do I buy, Is there a certain weight that I should be looking for? I have a few patterns that I sketched and would love to see them done in applique.

    Thank you in advance for any suggestions and advice.

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