The Tartan Plaid Wash Cloth is a lovely project to make. Who wouldn’t love a hand made cotton wash cloth?   I’m not much of a crochet girl – my love is quilting but I challenged myself to make this wash cloth. I am “hooked”! It was easy and fun. Try this project from Happy Berry Crochet.

Click her for the pattern.

Note: It appears to have a lot of instructions but it’s the same row over and over. To make the project more interesting, I decided to try out the Amour crochet hook by Clover. WOW! What a great hook! Treat yourself to a new hook with this comfort handle. I promise you’ll love it!


Here’s how the project went:


I printed off the pattern and read it through. I can do it – I hope! I wanted to make the wash cloth generous so I used a larger crochet hook. (3.25) I don’t think that was the best idea??? It is really big – I’m not 100% sure that I really understand how to determine the gauge. I would probably benefit from a crochet class! That is surely a given!


Here is the project after I have finished the first 6 rows. Now, it’s just repeat these rows 5 more times. This seems like a piece of cake – Why was I so intimidated?


Here is the body of the wash cloth finished. Now, the next step is to add the vertical stripes.


This was not as easy as I thought. I watched the video from her web page. She does a great tutorial. It couldn’t have been easier!


So, here’s the finished project! It turned out great. This is a project I could do in the car on a road trip. What a wonderful present for a friend with a nice bar of soap. I am “hooked” on crochet. Happy Berry has many free patterns with excellent tutorials. Visit her blog and Enjoy!

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