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What is a therapy lamp for migraines?

What is a therapy lamp for migraines

Migraines can be debilitating, disrupting daily life and inflicting intense pain. While traditional treatment exists for migraines, some seek alternative relief such as therapy lamps – an innovative solution offered by Stella Lighting. But exactly What is a therapy lamp for migraines? And can they provide any help for migraine sufferers? We aim to shed some light on these innovative forms of management of migraine.

What Is a Therapy Lamp? 

A therapy lamp is a light source designed to deliver specific wavelengths of light for therapeutic use, typically green light for migraines as this hue appears midway on the visible light spectrum and research suggests its soothing qualities may have an anti-anxiety impact compared to other colours. 

How Can Therapy Lamps Aid Migraines?

Green light therapy remains to be fully investigated as to its exact mechanisms, yet some potential benefits include; 

  • Reduced Pain Perception: According to research conducted, certain brain regions might activate less intensely by green light than by other colours – potentially altering how pain processing happens in your mind.
  • Improved Sleep: Studies suggest green light exposure may help restore normal sleeping patterns that have been disrupted due to migraine headaches, leading to less severe and frequent migraine headaches as a result of better restful slumber. This may translate to reduced and/or absent headaches altogether.
  • Alleviating Photophobia: Migraine patients are typically sensitive to light and perceive light or spotlight as unpleasant. Greenlight sources may indeed be an option for people who have unbearable sensitivity to light during an attack – in fact, they may reduce the stimuli during seizures.

Therapy lamps should not compete with plenty of the medication-based treatments that exist on the market; nonetheless, they stand as a perfect drug-free helping hand to tackle the problem of migraine.

Making Use of Therapy Lamps as Early Migraine Treatment

If you’re considering therapy lamps as a form of treatment for migraines, here are a few key points you should keep in mind: 

  • Consult Your Physician First: It is a must to have a physician as your ally in matters concerning regimens, methods, or therapies first, before embarking on any. Also in case any drug effect is intended to complement any of the drugs being prescribed by your doctor.
  • Choose the appropriate lamp: While looking for migraine lamps, please make sure you choose the coloured lamps titled for green light emission within the proper colour shade range.
  • Follow usage instructions: Each lamp may come equipped with specific guidelines regarding usage times and positioning – make sure that these directives are strictly observed for the best results!
  • Be Patient: Like with most treatments, therapy lamps take time to show results – consistent use is the key!

Remember, therapy lamps are only one part of managing migraines effectively; maintaining a healthy lifestyle involving regular restful sleep, stress management and eating well is also crucial for successful migraine management.

Stella Lighting Products Go Beyond Migraines 

While Stella Lighting may initially seem tailored towards migraine sufferers, our product lineup goes well beyond this focus. With our large selection of floor lamps to adorn any environment with style and function.

In conclusion, therapy lamps offer a promising, non-invasive approach to migraine management. Although additional studies should be carried out, they can help to alleviate the scourge among some people. At Stella Lighting, our priority is to provide you with enough information as well as the resources that will enable you to be able to make the best decisions about your well-being!

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