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What is the lamp outside the house called?

What is the lamp outside the house called

Illuminating your porch at nighttime with soft lighting fosters both security and warmth in its surroundings – yet have you ever taken time to wonder who made such an enduring fixture? What is the lamp outside the house called?

Outdoor lights come in all forms and designs; each designed specifically to fulfill specific functions or add aesthetic value. While general terms like “exterior lights” might suffice, browsing specifics will aid your search for that special touch for your home’s exterior!

Porch Light or Sconce? Determining Placement 

A classic outdoor fixture found gracing your front entryway is known as a “porch light”. These fixtures usually rest against an exterior wall near your front door and cast welcoming illumination across it while adding decorative flair.

If the lighting fixture in question sits higher on the wall away from its associated door, it likely falls within the family of wall sconces. Wall sconces exude an intimate glow, adding subtlety to an entryway or hallway leading towards garage access.

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Beyond the Doorway: Outdoor Lighting 

While porch lights and sconces may be common outdoor lighting solutions, there’s much more available beyond porch and sconce lights. Below are just a few popular types:

  • Post Lights: Mounted high along walkways or driveways, post lights provide both stately and functional illumination.
  • Path Lights: Low-lying fixtures strategically installed along pathways or garden edges add charm while helping direct your way after dark.
  • Security Lights: Motion-activated security lights help deter unwanted guests and illuminate any dark corners on your property, deterring potential criminals while providing illumination when needed.

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Find Outdoor Lighting to Fit Your Style

When selecting outdoor lighting for your home, keep two things in mind when making a decision: 

  • The overall style of your residence as well as what function the light serves (e.g. a porch light for security or more ambient sconce for an inviting entranceway).
  • Consider where to place the lights. Pathlights provide easy navigation along walkways while post lights add elegance and grandeur to driveways.

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The Bottom Line

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