One of the fun things about being the Stella Educator is that I get to try and experience different things without “going all in”.  What does this mean?  Glad you asked … Here’s my typical week:

Monday usually starts with a call from Nathan.  Nathan is the President of Stella Lighting.  Many of you may have met Nathan at trade shows before I came along.  He now sez he’s “retired” from trade shows but I know it’s just that work/home is a balancing act when you have 6 (YES – 6!) children.  He works hard!  I think Nathan calls me every Monday just to see how my weekend was and to tell me I’m great.  What boss would do that?  Well, Nathan is the answer.  What a great guy .. and a wonderful family.  His wife, Stacy, is my travel buddy to trade shows.  You may have met her.


This is me and Stacy at the hardest workout class I have ever been to.  Barre 3 in Portland.  I’m still in pain just thinking about it!

IMG_0686 Here is what Stay and I ate after that hard Barre 3 class.  WELL DESERVED!

By Tuesday, I plan or finish up a post for the week.  But first, I go to my Quilting Bee.  I have been a member of Connecting Threads bee since 1995.  That’s 20 years!  It’s so hard to believe these ladies have watched my little one, Fred, who is now 24 years old grow up.   Here’s my bee and a few others  at a going away party. We meet every Tuesday.  Stitching friends are life long and treasured.



My goal for Tuesday and Wednesday is to have a fun, informative but mostly interesting post for Stella Studios by Wednesday afternoon.  I’m usually at Starbucks sitting and  drinking my Ice Tea on Wednesday morning concocting a post about the project or interview that will be posted later that day.  I really enjoy these posts.  They make me, at times, step out of my comfort zone and try something new to report to you.  Meeting people and talking about our craft is the easy part.  There is nothing – nothing I like better than to meet new people.

Thursday, Nathan and I usually talk about the following week at Stella.  Here’s me and Nathan recently during a trip to the main office.  Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that I don’t work at the Coburg, OR office.  I call myself a satellite employee.  I work out of my house in Houston, TX.  Anyway, here we are…

I love this photo.  Guess which one is Nathan???

Friday, Saturday and Sunday are time for me to get my own stuff done.  Here’s what I am currently working on.


It’s a civil war wall hanging by Jo Morton.  I am using my own fabrics in an effort to reduce some of the stash around here.  It’s a never ending effort!  What was I thinking when I purchased all this fabric? Some of it is so out of style now…. Whew!

I have 12 – 16 trade shows planned for 2016.  I love going to trade shows and talking to everyone.  I am a lover of people and knowledge.  Come and see me at a trade show near you.  My schedule will always be posted on a the Stella Lighting webpage.  Here’s a slide show of the Houston International Quilt Market/Festival in October 2015.  I didn’t know I had it in me to do a slideshow until I tried it and I really like to put these together.  Maybe there will be more in the future.

[vimeo 144808219 w=425 h=350]

The big reason for this story of my week is to tell you that I love to hear your ideas.  I like to have some input to what you want me to investigate, review or try.  It’s like the age old question “what’s for dinner?”.  It’s more fun when someone sez “this is what I would like to have”.  Email me with your ideas for a fun project or different technique.  Maybe it’s something you have been working on and just want a different point of view.  Maybe it’s a tool or notion that you want to buy and just want a review of it.  I’m up for anything.  I will even step out of my comfort zone of quilting and sewing for you!  Here’s my email address: .  Feel free to contact me at anytime.

But, for now I’m back to work in my sewing room.  The “pig sty” upstairs in my house.  The room where I feel like a hoarder.  The dustiest room in the house.  My safe haven – my warm place – the room where I’m the boss – my sewing room.  I can’t imagine life without crafting.

Come join me every Wednesday for a new post at Stella Studio.  Maybe  it will be something that you suggested.


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  1. I’m new to Stella Lighting. My daughter bought a lamp to help her see better as she knits. I was so impressed with the product that I ordered a refurbished lamp. Love it & cannot color without it. I am 73 & have loved coloring since I was a kid. Now the available books are so exciting, there are not enough hours in the day to get it all done! Why not do a column about the coloring craze?
    By the way, my younger sister just bought herself a lamp….and so it goes. We all live Stella Lighting.

    1. Thanks for the great idea! Stay tuned! BTW-we love that you love your lights. We love happy customers!

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