Hey Everyone. My name is Mary Jean Murphy. I am from Houston, TX, and am your Stella Lighting Educator.

A lot for the time when I say that, I am met with pondering faces. What is a Stella Lighting Educator… and how did I manage to get THAT job?

I usually tell them it was because of these…


My passion for running is really what let me to become friends with Nathan, Stella’s president, after we met at a tradeshow one year.

IMG_0376But really, the story goes as such:

So one night a while back, we were sitting in our Ma & Pa chairs watching whatever sports Pa had found on tv, and my thoughts had wondered onto what my plan was for the following day. So I downloaded some new podcasts for my run, wiped up the kitchen floor, and finished up some other household chores. As the evening wound down, I was quite looking forward to bedtime.

IMG_0385Off to bed! I got all ready, snuggled in, and BOOM! Wide awake. Isn’t that just how it goes… I can already tell this is going to be a long night, so I’m thinking about what I normally do on nights like this… Stella. When I can’t sleep, I usually get up and go visit her in my sewing room. But not this night, because by 1:50am I had a revelation. This wasn’t just an idea that sounded good at 2 in the morning when you are still drunk with sleep…or in my case, lack there of. This idea had me so excited, the next day I had to reach out to Nathan. So I pitched him my 1:50am idea, which was this:

Stella is amazing. But people need to hear about it – and I do love to talk about it. I could blog about Stella a couple times a month to spread the word, and maybe even do some demos and things from my studio – all with my good friend Stella by my side, lighting the way!

I awaited Nathan’s thoughts, and he responded with great enthusiasm.

What started out as an idea for a simple blog has now turned into this – the Stella Studio.

Stella and I will be here all throughout the month bringing you all kinds of IMG_0380inspirational idea from all mediums of craft. We will make videos as we travel to shows, doing interviews with shop owners, teachers, and all around inspirational people.

Be looking for more traditional blog posts about what is going on in the Stella world and what you as fans can expect to see as we continue to grow!

We will be designing, and giving away free patterns for different kinds of project and want to encourage subscribers to send in their own things. We will love to share your ideas with the whole group!

We also hope to get involved in some service projects (especially around the holidays) and will keep you informed on how you can participate and be apart of something awesome.

We’ve got so much work to do, but I am SO EXCITED!

I’ll see you at the Stella Studio!

– Mary Jean Murphy

Stella Lighting Educator



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