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Which table lamp is good for eyes?

Which table lamp is good for eyes

Ever found yourself struggling under the harsh light of an overhead desk lamp after working the midnight oil? Don’t despair: choosing a table lamp that offers visual comfort as well as overall well-being can significantly boost productivity and overall satisfaction with life. But Which table lamp is good for eyes? 

We at Stella Lighting recognize and prioritize vision as something to cherish; therefore we take great care when selecting lamps to bring them our range that not only treat eyes carefully but illuminate your environment perfectly too!

Reduce Glare for Increased Comfort: Take Advantage of LED Illumination

At Stella Lighting, we advocate the adoption of LED bulbs; their soft lighting akin to sunlight can reduce headaches and fatigue significantly. Incandescent lights produce harsh illumination that often results in headaches. At Stella Lighting we encourage this type of switch as softer lighting means less chance for headaches or weariness.

Warm Up the Atmosphere: Selecting an Appropriate Color Temperature Setting

Have you experienced the discomfort caused by exposure to cold blue lighting on your eyes? Such illumination often disrupts sleep patterns and worsens eye fatigue, so which light is less harmful for eyes? – Many LED bulbs offer customizable colour temperatures. Look out for bulbs marked as “Kelvin”, with lower Kelvin ratings (approx. 2700-3000K) producing warmer white or yellowish light which creates an eye-soothing atmosphere.

Brightness Matters: Finding an Ideal Illumination Balance

Finding an optimal balance between brightness and comfort is of utmost importance. A lamp that’s too dim can strain your eyes as you struggle to read work clearly while one that’s excessively bright can become unnerved-making work hard and stressful for everyone involved. A general guideline would suggest setting lights between 2100-3200k as this should provide optimal brightness levels without overwhelming anyone who uses the space. Here’s my general tip on lighting design for better reading:

  • Reading and complex tasks typically call for brightness levels between 500 lumens and 600 lumens
  • For general workspace illumination purposes, a range between 300-400 lumens should prove best.

Choose lamps equipped with adjustable brightness settings so you can control light intensity accordingly.

Stella Lighting Is Here to Provide Vision-Friendly Solutions

At Stella Lighting, our selection of table lamps is meticulously handcrafted with eye care in mind. Ranging from sleek contemporary STELLA TWO lamps to timeless classics with adjustable arms – there’s an option here sure to complement both aesthetic preferences and functional requirements seamlessly! Whether browsing our online catalogue or visiting one of our physical locations – let us assist in finding that special lamp that illuminates your workspace without jeopardizing its visual health!

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