About Stella


    The Stella Way…


    /’ste:l.la/(n) Latin: 1.Light is not only important; it is essential for the quality of human life. 2. Listen to what the customer wants in a product, innovate beyond the ordinary, and build precision lighting instruments that have specific value and use. 3. Customer service is not an action, but an attitude. 4. Out with the old and in with the new. Evolutions in technology, combined with innovative minds allow Stella to design industry-leading products. 5. Change the world, one product at a time. 6. Transcend and stand alone for what we believe is important in a lighting product.

  • Quality Lighting

    Is Essential to Quality of Life.


    If we were to select 100 strangers off the street and ask them: “Is lighting important to you?”

    chances are 99/100 people would say yes.  There is no smoke and mirrors, we all need to see better.  Whether it be in the workplace, when reading a book, working on a project, or just relaxing in our homes, we need lighting to help our body and mind function properly.  Just ask those individuals who suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and clinical light deprivation, and they will tell you good light is essential to their well-being.

    Stella Lighting designs and develops lighting products that help improve the quality of life – it’s that simple.  No facades, no gimmicks, we build products that give the user control over light spectrum, dimming, and light position, among other aspects.   We stand behind every light that we build with a customer service guarantee.  You deserve the best quality of life possible, and we deliver the most personalized lighting solution in the marketplace today.

  • Changing an Industry

    What makes Stella products different?


    People ask us all the time, what makes Stella different? Simply put, there is no other lighting product like it in the marketplace today. The combination of innovative design, integrated technology, and detailed execution make the family of Stella products un-matched in the lighting industry today.

    Stella has been awarded the Business Innovation Award by NAMTA (interNational Arts Materials Trade Association) for innovative product design. In addition, Stella has been granted four (4) patents since 2013 and has two (2) additional patents pending. Our company demands excellence in product design, development and execution. We strive for excellence in the customer experience. Our original product deisgns are developed with precision, and delivered to the marketplace with an all-inclusive expectation of quality.

  • Product Development

    It’s all about the process…


    What really drives the Stella Lighting team is taking a concept, however strange it may seem initially, and giving it life.  Our Stella family is an eclectic group comprised of a chemist, a graphic designer, a rafting guide, a mother of six, a professional gamer, and a pattern designer; all the while led by an eccentric entrepreneur. Our founder Nathan often says, “an idea is only as good as its implementation.” What do you get when you infuse this unique team with a common goal?

    “Products that change an industry”

    In the end, it is all about the process.  The process can be painful, stressful, and argumentative.  The process can be frustrating, energy draining, and hopeless.  The process can also drive dynamic people to transcend beyond what they always thought they could do.  That’s the Stella team, rising above the ordinary, creating products that are revolutionary, and changing lives one Stella at a time.

  • Stella’s History

    Humble Beginnings, by Nathan


    Sometimes I just have to pinch myself about the abundant blessings our company has received.  In early 2011 I had just been relieved of my position as Vice President for an LED lighting manufacturer.  I remember vividly, the day I went home to tell my wife that I had been relieved of my duties but that everything would be ok.  I often wonder if she believed me.

    At the time I was unaware that we would soon be blessed with a sixth child! With this unplanned addition, and already scraping by, I was seeking what would come next.  Our joy of a surprise came into the world in early 2012 and we named her after the Latin term for “star” – Stella. What we did not know, was that Stella would change our lives in more ways than one. She became the inspiration for our company and continues to be a guiding light in my life (pun intended).

    The original Stella lamp was designed for school children, but would quickly become the most innovative light to hit the marketplace since the early Ott Light days.   Clinical research shows that young children’s brains react differently to the diverse selection of light spectrums.  In basic terms, when you want children to be alert and active, shine a bright white light over them and they will pay attention.  When you desire them to calm down for reading time, you need those brain waves to slow down.  A warm spectrum or more traditional light provides exactly this.  As it turns out, the majority of the human race needs the same thing.

    The lights, would quickly gain attention.  The company’s philosophy was to not compete on price or in big retail spaces.  Our product had a personal element to it, and Stella (the lamp) needed a platform that would give her the attention she deserved.  It was expensive compared to other products in the marketplace, accompanied by un-recognized technology, and driven by a new brand promising innovative products.  The consumer response surprised us all.  Stella quickly began to shape an industry that had been left to wither away.

    In the early days, I went door to door, selling to quilt shops out of the back of my pick-up.  The business evolved as distributors came along and helped scale the company.  The quick growth came with both excitement and tribulations that many start up companies experience.

    Three and a half years later, Stella products are being sold through all fifty states and six countries actively, with rapid global expansion.  We have never wanted to just “fill space” in the marketplace.  We wanted to produce products that had value to the consumer and focus our energy on more listening, and less talking. As consumers, we are sold something everywhere we turn –an endless array of products, packaging and marketing. That is not who we are as a company.  The beauty has always been in the simplicity.

    In the end, Stella has a loyal following.  People often say, “I love my Stella.” What more can you ask for as an entrepreneur?  Design a product in your head, collaborate with a brilliant team who can give it life, present it to the market with overwhelming acceptance and watch the product change peoples lives.