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Fine Art

Quality lighting is essential to quality of life

Stella loves all kinds of art!

Drawing, Painting, & Illustration

Drawing and illustrating require an intricate balance of imagination and planning. This echo’s the story of Stella lighting.

What can you do to give your art vision, quality and that “it” factor? We have the answer for you at Stella lighting. Color blending and matching matter to the images you envision.

See your art like never before under Stella’s lighting family of products. Our 3 color temperatures, dimming and flexibility will open your eyes, art and expand your mind.

Beading & Paper Craft

Intricate and accurate are the name of the game when beading and paper crafting. With Stella’s Tri-Spectrum Technology you can see the actual color of your beads, metals and strings.

Utilize the integrated touch pads or remotes and simply switch back and forth between the 3 color temperatures to compare your projects and materials. Whether you’re working at your desk, table or on the go, Stella has a portable and adjustable model to meet your specific requirements.

Serious crafters know that having the best tools makes your craft time more fun and productive.


Within the Stella family we have tattoo enthusiasts, as well and friends and family members who are tattoo artists. This led us to go out see if tattoo artists might be another group that could benefit from the use of Stella Lighting products.

What we discovered is that tattoo artists are very under served by the lighting industry. Almost every shop we went to had only inadequate ambient lighting or task lighting that they found very difficult to use. We put our Stella Sky Floor Lamp products in the hands of the artists and the response was overwhelming.

Every single tattoo artist who has tried one of our lights has told that it dramatically improved their ability to see their work, and there is nowhere that is more important than on a living canvas.

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